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Clipper Race win for Dare To Lead

One of the closest races so far in the Clipper 2017-18 Race has ended in a surprise win for Dare To Lead.

Dare To Lead Skipper Dale Smyth pulled off an eleventh hour victory in Race 10: The Garmin American Challenge from Seattle, USA, to Panama.

Race 10 was dominated by light winds, which compressed the fleet and resulted in the teams being in either visual or AIS range for the majority of the race south down the western USA and Mexican coasts.

However, a decision to remain west in the last 24 hours of the race, rather than hug the Mexican coastline with the rest of the Clipper Race fleet, paid off for Dare To Lead, with the team breaking away from the main pack whilst in Stealth Mode to cross the finish line at 10:59 UTC Thursday.

Although the original finish line for Race 10 was in an area due south of Isla Jicaron in Panama, the Clipper Race Committee today informed all eleven teams that Mandatory Gate 2 would now signal race end.

After crossing the finish line, the Clipper Race fleet will motor sail towards a scheduled re-fuel stop in Costa Rica, before continuing on to Flamenco Island Marina on the Pacific Ocean side of the Panama Canal.

After traversing the Panama Canal – one of the real highlights of the circumnavigation – the Clipper Race fleet will regroup to begin the second and final stage of the US Coast-to-Coast Leg 7, a 2,000 nm race from Panama to New York, which will begin on Friday 3 June.

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