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World Sailing Council retain Finn

We did say to expect the unexpected, and following the vote by the World Sailing Council Monday, submission M22-18 by the Romanian Sailing Federation was accepted by 22 votes to 15.

The overall result of this decision is that the men and women's RS:X Windsurfer be replaced with a new board.

The Finn is retained for the men (for now) and a new women's one-person dinghy is proposed for lightweight helms (-70 kg).

And . . . the men's 470 dinghy is retained, but as a mixed crew two-person dinghy, and the women's 470 dinghy is replaced with a mixed kite-board event.

After rejecting the Events Committee recommendation of M36-18, the World Sailing Council looked at the fifty six remaining submissions and then voted on 14 submissions, resulting in M22-18 receiving the majority vote.

The World Sailing's Council confirmed that the remaining five Events for Paris 2024 would be:

Men's Windsurfer
Women's Windsurfer
New Event, Mixed One-Person Dinghy
New Event, Mixed Two Person Dinghy
New Event, Mixed Kite

Submission M22-18 - Click image for a larger image

Submission M22-18 proposes that:

In addition to the already retained events - Laser, Radial, 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 that:

Men's Windsurfer - Retained with new equipment

Women's Windsurfer - Retained with new equipment

Heavyweight Men's One Person Dinghy, Finn - Rename event as 'Mixed One-Person Dinghy' to comprise Finn retained for Men, and there to be new Women one-person dinghy - New Equipment.

Men's Two Person Dinghy, 470 - Rename as Mixed Two Person Dinghy - New Equipment.

Women's Two Person Dinghy, 470 – New Event, Mixed Kite . . . one male and one female athlete to campaign as a “team” in a multi-format race series.

You really have to wonder what all that stuff with the Event Committee on Saturday was all about, the Council just rejected it all and did their own evaluation of the submissions !

And, it all goes to the 2018 Annual Conference in November to accept/reject the actual boat/board selections.

Interesting that the RYA submission M44-18 almost made it through - this would have kept all as is except for the men's 470 changing to an offshore event.

Following this final Event decision made by the Council at the Mid-Year meeting, the Equipment Committee will need to consider the relevant Equipment (boats/boards) criteria and the Events Committee will have to consider the format options for the Events.

This was agreed by Council and this means all Equipment (boats/boards) decisions are deferred to the 2018 Annual Conference in November, so still plenty of time for second thoughts.

For the Events where new Equipment is required, a Olympic Equipment evaluation process will be held. Further information on the process will follow.

World Sailing's Council resumes on Tuesday 15 May.

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