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Equipment Committee take a rain check

The World Sailing Equipment Committee meeting seems to have taken a rain check with regard to the Paris 2024 Events and Equipment.

The Equipment Committee press release just mentions that they discussed criteria that could be used where new Equipment is required, but does reveal what that criteria is!

As they point out, the World Sailing Council will vote on the events and the recommendations passed to them (Submission M36-18 removing the Finn, 470 and RS:X) by the Events Committee, when they meet on Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 May.

If any new Events are selected by the World Sailing Council, the Equipment Committee will then review the Equipment for the Events. So Monday and Tuesday will be when the important decisions are made.

Any required evaluation events will be held in 2019 ahead of a final decision by November 2019.

Olympic Equipment Re-evaluation Procedure available here.

The Equipment Committee has recommend to Council that they approve a new Regulation 38 to ensure MNAs, Classes and Rating Systems report any safety incidents they are aware, that fits a set criteria, within 30 days.

A website page has been set-up with the reqiuired form that is to be completed to report a safety incident.

The Equipment Committee also approved the Nacra 15 and deferred the Diam 24 to the 2018 Annual Conference. Council will ratify the decision over the next two days.

Monday will be the first day of meeting of the World Sailing's Council.

They will be looking at and voting on the Even Committee recommendation to dump the Finn, 470 and RS:X from the Olympics - Read about it here Removing the Finn, 470 and RS:X)

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