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Following the bombshell from the World Sailing Event Committee on Saturday, the Equipment Committee will now meet to discuss the Paris 2024 Events and the procedures around the re-evaluation of equipment for 2024.

On Saturday the Events Committee voted to forward their own Submission (M36-18) from the 59 submissions received, as their recommendation for the 2024 Olympic Games sailing format, to the World Sailing Council.

The RYA submission M44-18 to retain the RS:X, the women's 470 and the Finn, and replace the men's 470 event with a Mixed Keelboat event was dumped at the first secret vote.

Submission M36-18 by the Chairman of the Events Committee, Sarah Kenny (AUS) requires the Finn, 470 and RS:X (5 events) to be replaced with "new equipment" - this is IOC speak for change of the boat/board etc used.

The Press Release of the Events Committee decision carefully avoided mentioning the Finn, 470 and RS:X by class name, but did refer to the remaining events by their dinghy class names!

Strangely at no point have the Working Party considered the opportunity to "showcase" new events of variations of existing events at the 2020 or 2024 Games as suggested by Kit McConnell of the IOC in his video discussion with Andy Hunt CEO of WS.

Also it is known that at the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games venue it is planned to have the 'Long Beach Sport Park' that will include Handball, Triathlon, Marathon Swimming, BMX, Water Polo and Sailing.

Could this be an opportunity to widen the range of sailing / water-based events as discussed in the Sailweb article Thinking outside the Sailing Box back in February?

That article highlighted the suggestion of Simon Boyde who called for a dramatic makeover of the Olympic Games to form a Wet & Dry Games.

Where sailing could combine with other water-based sports to form a better package that still creates sufficient TV viewing figures and allows event restricted sports – like Sailing, Rowing and Canoeing – to be expanded, both in terms of participation and events.

That is to embrace the various new forms of sailing, boarding and kiting, in the same way that the Winter Games has brought in the snowboarders to boost their exclusive traditional skiing and skating basis.

It seems that Los Angeles 2028 is running with that concept, why is WS not looking at this opportunity?

Sunday the Members of the Equipment Committee will continue to discuss the Paris 2024 Events and the procedures around the re-evaluation of equipment for 2024.

As part of a separate equipment re-evaluation process, World Sailing is reviewing the equipment used for the Men and Women's Windsurfer and the Men and Women's One Person Dinghy Events.

The re-evaluation process will allow the existing Olympic Equipment for the Event, along with any new Classes or manufacturers who wish to have their equipment included in the Olympic Games, to tender for inclusion.

The tender process will review all aspects of the equipment, including suitability for the Olympic Event and its competitors, prices, manufacturing, availability and supply around the world.

The procedures and criteria for the re-evaluation will be approved and published by World Sailing at this Mid-Year Meeting and the outcome of the review will be decided in November 2018.

World Sailing vote to remove Finn, 470, RSX

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