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International 14 POW Week - POW Result

Winners of the Prince of Wales Cup (POW) were Neale Jones and Ed Fitzgerald (1553) with second Andy and Tom Partington (1559) and third Harvey Hillary and Archie Massey (1563).

Prince of Wales Cup - International 14 National Championship

1st 1553 Neale Jones and Edward Fitzgerald
2nd 1559 Andy Partington and Tom Partington
3rd 1563 Archie Massey and Harvey Hillary
4th 1557 Katie Nurton and Nigel Ash
5th 1544 Andy Shaw and Rob Struckett
6th 1561 Douglas Pattison and Mark Tait
7th 1556 Daniel Holman and Damian Ash
8th 1530 Andy Fitzgerald and Rich Dobson
9th 1517 George Yeoman and Jack Yeoman
10th 1555 Martin Jones and Adam Lees
11th 1546 Charles Duchese and Adam Ovington
12th 1531 Andrew Penman and Chris Watson
13th 1545 Jamie Reid and Ed Clay
14th 1500 Liam Stacpoole and Tom Stacpoole
15th 1523 Kimball Morrison and Tom Bracewell
16th 1558 Robin Pascal and Martin Pascal
17th 1527 Phillip McDanell and Luke Boughton
18th 1415 Neil Young and Mike Way
19th 1488 Dominic van Essen and Kevin Rogers
20th 1506 James Salter and David Johnson
21st 1551 Colin Smith and Tom Steavenson

Racing continues for the International 14 POW Week Series at Exe SC.

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