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Communication Centre for the Oceans

A new non-profit environment association aiming to raise greater awareness of global maritime issues and the ocean environment is launching in Lisbon this May.

The Communication Centre for the Oceans (CCO) will be officially unveiled on 2 May at Associação Naval de Lisboa, in Belém, in the first of a series of special LiveStream presentations.

It aims to provide a weekly forum for expert-level discussion on a broad range of sea-related topics - covering shipping and industry, science, environment, history, geography, culture, literature, gastronomy, fishing industry and water sports.

The interactive forums are being designed for both industry professionals and ordinary people in Portuguese-speaking countries around the world. A key theme will involve raising greater awareness of ocean conservation.

CCO curator and renowned Brazilian and Portuguese sailing journalist and author Nysse Arruda is leading the project.

“I have been working as a sailing journalist for more than 20 years and lately it has been my ambition to create a platform like the Communication Centre for the Oceans,” said Ms Arruda.

“While the aim is to cover a broad range of issues that relate to the sea and the environment, there will be a heavy emphasis on the increasing awareness of marine pollution and the state of the seas and oceans.”

Major backing has been secured with Portugals Environment Global Facilities (EGF) - a leader in the treatment and recovery of waste in Portugal, acting as headline sponsor.

The CCO has received institutional support from the Ministry of the Sea, Ministry of Environment, a letter from the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic and UNESCO in Portugal.

Internationally, the organisation is partnering with the UN-Clean Seas Program (Turn the Tide on Plastic), Marine MegaFauna Mozambique and maritime specialist PR firm Polaris Media.

The inaugural Communication Centre for the Oceans speeches run from 18:00 to 19:00 on May 02, at Associação Naval de Lisboa, in Belém.

For information on attending contact . . . [email protected]

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