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Hyeres World Cup - Day 3 Results

Day 3 of Sailing's World Cup Series in Hyères, France, and after a long wait there has been some racing for the all the classes.

Another slow morning in Hyères, with average speeds of 2-5 knots but it did increase to 7-9 knots in the afternoon.

The mist and cloud of the morning cleared and the sun came out this afternoon, with temperatures reaching 23°C.

Two races for the Finn and Nicholas Heiner NED won one of them and tops the leader board. Henry Wetherell GBR had an eighth to hold 16th overall.

In the Radial Georgina Povall GBR had a second in race 6 and is fifth overall, behind leader Marit Bouwmeester NED.

Also going well are Charlotte Dobson and Saskia Tidey in the 49erFX with a win in race 6 to place eighth overall. Helene Naess and Marie Ronningen NOR lead overall.

Anton Dahlberg and Fredrik Bergstrom SWE lead the men's 470, GBRs Luke Patience and Chris Grube are 21st.

Better things in the women's 470 where Hannah Mills and Eilidh McIntyre GBR hold third after five races. Camille Lecoitre and Aloise Retornaz FRA lead.

Australia's David Gilmour and Joel Turner have a nice lead in the 49er. GBR Dylan Fletcher-Scott and Stuart Bithell hang on in ninth place.

In the Nacra17, Ruggero Tita / Caterina Marianna Banti ITA lead after seven races, with Ben Saxton and Nicola Boniface GBR in second.

Time is running out for the medal races, it just needs some decent wind to save the day.

Friday’s racing will be the final day of fleet racing for the 2.4 Norlin OD, 49er, 49erFX, Nacra 17, Men’s RS:X and Women’s RS:X ahead of their Medal Races on Saturday 28 April.

The remaining fleets will complete their series on Saturday with Medal Races following on Sunday.

Hyeres - Day 3 leading results

Finn Men
Race 5 - 1st CRO Josip Oljic, 2nd BRA Jorge Zarif, 3rd TUR Alican Kaynar. Best GBR: 8th Henry Wetherell.

Race 6 - 1st NED Nicholas Heiner, 2nd CRO Milan Vujasinovic, 3rd TUR Alican Kaynar. Best GBR: 12th Edward Wright.

Overall after 6 races:
1st NED Nicholas Heiner 23pts, 2nd BRA Jorge Zarif 24pts, 3rd TUR Alican Kaynar 28pts. Best GBR: 16th Henry Wetherell 68pts.

Radial Women
Race 5 - 1st NED Marit Bouwmeester, 2nd TUR Ecem Guzel, 3rd FRA Pernelle Michon. Best GBR: 44th Alison Young.

Race 6 - 1st SUI Maud Jayet, 2nd GBR Georgina Povall, 3rd BEL Maité Carlier.

Overall after 6 races:
1st NED Marit Bouwmeester 19pts, 2nd BEL Maité Carlier 34pts, 3rd FIN Monika Mikkola 46pts. Best GBR: 5th Georgina Povall 48pts.

Race 4 - 1st FRA Damien Seguin, 2nd ITA Antonio Squizzato, 3rd FRA Bruno Jourdren.

Race 5 - 1st FRA Damien Seguin, 2nd ITA Antonio Squizzato, 3rd FRA Xavier Dagault.

Race 6 - 1st GBR Charlotte Dobson / Saskia Tidey, 2nd ITA Carlotta Omari / Matilda Distefano, 3rd FIN Noora Ruskola / Mikaela Wulff.

Overall after 6 races:
1st NOR Helene Naess / Marie Ronningen 28pts, 2nd DEN Ida Marie Baad Neilsen / Marie Thusgaard Olsen 32pts, 3rd NZL Alexandra Maloney / Molly Meech 33pts. Best GBR: 8th Sophie Weguelin / Sophie Aisworth 48pts.

470 Men
Race 4 - 1st HUN Balázs Gyapjas / Zsombor Gyapjas, 2nd FRA Kevin Peponnet / Jeremie Mion, 3rd NZL Paul Snow-Hansen / Daniel Willcox. Best GBR: 26th Martin Wrigley / James Taylor.

Race 5 - 1st USA Stuart McNay / David Hughes, 2nd SWE Anton Dahlberg / Fredrik Bergstrom, 3rd ITA Giacomo Ferrari / Giulio Calabro. Best GBR: 21st Luke Patience / Chris Grube.

Overall after 5 races:
1st SWE Anton Dahlberg / Fredrik Bergstrom 10pts, 2nd NZL Paul Snow-Hansen / Daniel Willcox 15pts, 3rd JPN Tetsuya Isozaki / Akira Takayanagi 23pts. Best GBR: 23rd Luke Patience / Chris Grube 78pts.

470 Women
Race 4 - 1st FRA Camille Lecoitre / Aloise Retornaz, 2nd GER Frederike Loewe / Anna Markfort, 3rd CHN Mengxi Wei / Haiyan Gao. Best GBR: 5th Hannah Mills / Eilidh McIntyre.

Race 5 - 1st ESP Bàrbara Cornudella / Sara Lopez, 2nd TUR Beste Kaynako / Sharar Tibi. Best GBR: 11th Hannah Mills / Eilidh McIntyre.

Overall after 5 races:
1st FRA Camille Lecoitre / Aloise Retornaz 17pts, 2nd ESP Silvia Mas Depares / Patricia Cantero 23pts, 3rd Hannah Mills / Eilidh McIntyre 25pts.

Nacra 17
Race 5 - 1st ITA Ruggero Tita / Caterina Marianna Banti, 2nd NZL Jason Waterhouse / Lisa Darmanin, 3rd AUT Thomas Zajac / Barbara Matz. Best GBR: 5th John Gimson / Anna Burnet.

Race 6 - 1st GBR Ben Saxton / Nicola Boniface, 2nd ARG Santiago Lange / Cecilia Carranza, 3rd ITA Vittorio Bissaro / Maelle Frascari.

Race 7 - 1st ITA Ruggero Tita / Caterina Marianna Banti, 2nd ITA Vittorio Bissaro / Maelle Frascari, 3rd USA Riley Gibbs / Louisa Chafee. Best GBR: 14th Ben Saxton / Nicola Boniface.

Overall after 7 races:
1st ITA Ruggero Tita / Caterina Marianna Banti 18pts, 2nd GBR Ben Saxton / Nicola Boniface 27pts, 3rd BRA Samuel Albrecht / Bruna Martinelli 36pts.

Laser Men
Race 5 - 1st AUS Tom Burton, 2nd RUS Sergey Komissarov, 3rd HUN Benjamin Vadnai. Best GBR: 7th Lorenzo Chiavarini.

Race 6 - 1st AUS Tom Burton, 2nd USA Henry Marshall, 3rd AUS Luke Elliott. Best GBR: 23rd Jack Wetherell.

Overall after 6 races:
1st FRA Jean Baptiste Bernaz 40pts, 2nd GBR Lorenzo Chiavarini 41pts, 3rd CRO Filip Jurisic 42pts.

49er Men
Race 6 - 1st FRA Mathieu Frei / Noe Delpech, 2nd AUS David Gilmour / Joel Turner, 3rd FRA
Hugo Fedrigucci / Martin Guez, Best GBR: 8th Chris Taylor / Samuel Batten.

Overall after 6 races:
1st AUS David Gilmour / Joel Turner 19pts, 2nd ESP Diego Botin / Iago Lopez 35pts, 3rd POL Dominik Buksak / Szymon Wierzbicki 36pts. Best GBR: 9th Dylan Fletcher-Scott / Stuart Bithell 56pts.

RS:X Women
Race 7 - 1st JPN Megumi Komine, 2nd ISR Noga Geller, 3rd FRA Lucie Belbeoch. Best GBR: 13th Saskia Sills.

Overall after 7 races:
1st POL Zofia Noceti-Klepacka 31pts, 2nd CHN Peina Chen 35pts, 3rd ISR Noga Geller 42pts. Best GBR: 15th Emma Wilson 87pts

RS:X Men
Race 7 - 1st POL Maciej Kluszczynski, 2nd ESP Sergi Escandell, 3rd ESP Angel Granda-Roque. Best GBR: 10th sam Sills.

Race 8 - 1st POL Maciej Kluszczynski, 2nd KOR Tae Hoon Lee, 3rd NED Kiran Badloe. Best GBR: 21st Sam Sills.

Overall after 8 races:
1st FRA Pierre le Coq 51pts, 2nd FRA Thomas Goyard 54pts, 3rd FRA Louis Giard 63pts, Best GBR: 19th Tom Squires 133pts.

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