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Hyeres World Cup - Day 2 - Results

Day 2 of the World Cup Series Hyeres regatta and racing final started with a bit of a stutter, after Tuesday's up and down breeze.Hannah Mills and Eilidh McIntyre -

A foggy morning with no wind became a sunny afternoon with a light 5-8 knot breeze that tested the sailors composure and patience with delays ashore and on the water.

Overall not a very good day for the Brits, but a couple of surprises.

In the Laser, Nick Thompson popped up to win race 4 to remind everyone he was still around.

And in the 49er James Peters and Rhos Hawes finally made it into single figures in race 5, while Dylan Fletcher and Stuart Bithell continued their see-saw ride with a fourth and a BFD.

Best not to look too close in the Finn, where the Brits seem to be taking turns to have one decent result each, except for Ed Wright, but there's still time.

Similarly in the two RS:X events it is just not going GBR's way, but saw Bryony Shaw and baby on Southern TV and she seemed happy that she was sitting this one out.

In the Radial, Georgina Povall has been making the best of the conditions, and sits in 5th place some 29 places ahead the next GBR competitor, Alison Young.

Sophie Weguelin and Sophie Ainsworth are also in 5th in the 49erFX as is Lorenzo Chiavarini in the Laser.

Could be some more results to come but the WS scoreboard has packed in again, will update as and when . . . Until tomorrow . . .

Hyeres - Day 2 leading results

49er Men
Race 4 - 1st AUS David Gilmour / Joel Turner, 2nd FRA Mathieu Frei / Noe Delpech, 3rd BEL Yannick Lefèbvre / Tom Pelsmaekers, 4th GBR Dylan Fletcher-Scott / Stuart Bithell

Race 5 - 1st SWE Hannes Westberg / Albin Boman, 2nd SUI Sebastien Schneiter / Lucien Cujean, 3rd GBR James Peters / Rhos Hawes

Overall after 5 races:
1st POL Dominik Buksak / Szymon Wierzbicki 17pts, 2nd AUS David Gilmour / Joel Turner 18pts, 3rd BEL Yannick Lefèbvre / Tom Pelsmaekers 26pts. Best GBR: 8th Dylan Fletcher-Scott / Stuart Bithell 43pts.

Race 3 - 1st ITA Antonio Squizzato, 2nd FRA Damien Seguin, 3rd FRA Bruno Jourdren.

470 Women
Race 3 - ISR Noya Bar-Am / Nina Amir, 2nd ESP Silvia Mas Depares / Patricia Cantero Reina, 3rd GER Fabienne Oster / Anastasiya Winkel. Best GBR: 14th Hannah Mills / Eilidh McIntyre 9pts.

Overall after 3 races:
1st ISR Noya Bar-Am / Nina Amir 3pts, 2nd CHN Mengxi Wei / Haiyan Gao 7pts, 3rd Silvia Mas Depares / Patricia Cantero Reina 9pts. Best GBR: 5th Hannah Mills / Eilidh McIntyre

470 Men
Race 3 - 1st SWE Anton Dahlberg / Fredrik Bergstrom, 2nd JPN Tetsuya Isozaki / Akira Takayanagi, 3rd HUN Balázs Gyapjas / Zsombor Gyapjas. Best GBR: 13th Luke Patience / Chris Grube.

Overall after 3 races:
1st JPN Tetsuya Isozaki / Akira Takayanagi 3pts, 2nd SWE Anton Dahlberg / Fredrik Bergstrom 4pts, 3rd NZL Paul Snow-Hansen / Daniel Willcox 6pts. Best GBR: 23rd Luke Patience / Chris Grube 35pts.

RS:X Men
Race 4 - 1st CHN Mengfan Gao, 2nd GRE Byron Kokkalanis, 3rd GBR Kieran Holmes Martin.

Race 5 - 1st POL Maciej Kluszczynski, 2nd POL Pawel Tarnowski, 3rd SUI Mateo Sanz Lanz. Best GBR: 15th Sam Sills.

Race 6 - 1st CHN Bing Ye, 2nd FRA Thomas Goyard, 3rd CHN Tao Li. Best GBR: 17th GBR Kieran Holmes Martin.

Overall after 6 races:
1st FRA Louis Giard 26pts, 2nd CHN Mengfan Gao 29pts, 3rd Pierre Le Coq 29pts. Best GBR: 14th Tom Squires 79pts.

Laser Men
Race 3 - NZL Sam Meech, 2nd NOR Hermann Tomasgaard, 3rd CRo Filip Jurisic. Best GBR: 5th Lorenzo Chiavarini.

Race 4 - 1st GBR Nick Thompson, 2nd BRA Bruno Fontes, 3rd FRA Jean Baptiste Bernaz.

Overall after 4 races:
1st CRO Tonci Stipanovic 9pts, 2nd FRA Jean Baptiste Bernaz 14pts, 3rd CYP Pavlos Kontides 14pts. Best GBR: 5th Lorenzo Chiavarini 21pts.

Radial Women
Race 3 - 1st LTU Viktorija Andrulyte, 2nd ESP Cristina Pujol, 3rd NED Maxime Jonker. Best GBR: 24th Georgina Povall.

Race 4 - 1st HUN Mária Érdi, 2nd NED Marit Bouwmeester, 3rd FIN Monika Mikkola, 4th GBR Georgina Povall.

Overall after 4 races:
1st NED Marit Bouwmeester 8pts, 2nd USA Paige Railey 9pts, 3rd LTU Viktorija Andrulyte 14pts. Best GBR: 5th Georgina Povall 23pts.

49erFX Women
Race 3 - 1st NZL Alexandra Maloney / Molly Meech, 2nd NED Annemiek Bekkering / Annette Duetz, 3rd NOR Helene Naess / Marie Rønningen. Best GBR: 12th Sophie Weguelin / Sophie Ainsworth, 13th Charlotte Dobson / Saskia Tidey.

Race 4 - 1st AUS Natasha Bryant / Annie Wilmot, 2nd JPN Chika Hatae / Hiroka Itakura, 3rd ARG Victoria Travascio / Maria Branz, 4th Sophie Weguelin / Sophie Ainsworth.

Race 5 - 1st NZL Alexandra Maloney / Molly Meech, 2nd AUT Tanja Frank / Lorena Abicht, 3rd DEN Anne-Julie Schütt / Iben Nielsby Christensen. Best GBR: 15th Charlotte Dobson / Saskia Tidey.

Overall after 5 races:
1st NOR Helene Naess / Marie Rønningen 15pts, 2nd NZL Alexandra Maloney / Molly Meech 24pts, 3rd SWE Klara Wester / Rebecca Netzler 24pts. Best GBR: 5th Sophie Weguelin / Sophie Ainsworth 32pts.

Finn Men
Race 3 - 1st NED Nicholas Heiner, 2nd GBR Henry Wetherell, 3rd AUS Jake Lilley.

Race 4 - 1st TUR Alican Kayner, 2nd FRA Jonathan Lobert, 3rd FIN Tapio Nirkko. Best GBR: 17th Hector Simpson.

Overall after 4 races:
1st FRA Jonathan Lobert 7pts, 2nd NED Nicholas Heiner 11pts, 3rd BRA Jorge Zarif 12pts. Best GBR: 14th Hector Simpson 29pts

RS:X Women:
Race 4 - 1st CHN Pei ling Chen, 2nd CHN Peina Chen, 3rd GBR Emma Wilson.

Race 5 - 1st POL Zofia Noceti-Klepacka, 2nd HKG Hei Man H V Chan, 3rd JPN Fujiko Onishi. Best GBR: 28th Emma Wilson.

Race 6 - 1st POL Malgorzata Bialecka, 2nd CHN Peina Chen, 3rd JPN Fujiko Onishi. Best GBR: 25th Emma Wilson.

Overall after 6 races:
1st POL Zofia Noceti-Klepacka 21pts, 2nd CHN Peina Chen 28pts, 3rd POL Malgorzata Bialecka 29pts. Best GBR: 13th Emma Wilson 68pts.

Nacra 17
Race 2 - 1st ITA Ruggero Tita / Caterina Marianna Banti, 2nd AUT Thomas Zajac / Barbara Matz, 3rd USA Riley Gibbs / Louisa Chafee, 4th GBR Rupert White / Kirstie Urwin.

Race 3 - 1st BRA Samuel Albrecht / Bruna Martinelli, 2nd NZL Olivia Mackay / Micah Wilkinson, 3rd GBR Ben Saxton / Nicola Boniface.

Race 4 - 1st ESP Iker Martinez / Olga Maslivets, 2nd ESP Fernando Echávarri / Tara Pacheco, 3rd Ben Saxton / Nicola Boniface.

Overall after 4 races:
1st ITA Ruggero Tita / Caterina Marianna Banti 7pts, 2nd GBR Ben Saxton / Nicola Boniface 7pts, 3rd ESP Iker Martinez / Olga Maslivets 13pts.

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