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Hyeres World Cup - Day 1 Results

The first day of the World Cup Series Hyeres regatta and after a short postponement racing finally started for all classes.Fletcher and Bithell GBR -

First away Tuesday morning were the Men's RS:X, Men's Laser, Men's 49er and the Men's and Women's 470.

The day was difficult, with the wind proving elusive on some courses. Some coped with this better than others.

Paige Railey of the USA took two wins in the Radial, while Britain's Alison Young suffered deep in the pack.

Ben Saxton and Nicola Boniface GBR, won the only Nacra 17 race completed, while Hannah Mills and Eilidh McIntyre (5,4) finished the day in second place in the 470, behind China's Mengxi Wei and Haiyan Gao (6,1).

In the 49erFX only two races, both won by Denmark's Ida Marie Baad Nielsen and Marie Thusgaard Olsen. Britain's Sophie Weguelin and Sophie Ainsworth (3,13) finished the day in sixth place.

In the men's 49er Britain's Dylan Fletcher-Scott and Stuart Bithell went from rags to riches and back again - 17, 1, 21 - to finish the day eighth.

Dominik Buksak and Szymon Wierzbicki (3,5,1) of Poland lead the 49er.

Tonci Stipanovic CRO was a double winner in the Laser, while Britain's Lorenzo Brando Chiavarini also had a great day, finishing in third overall. Nick Thompson GBR finished the day 30th after a 21 and 42.

More than 830 sailors from 46 nations, sailing in one Para World Sailing event and the ten Olympic classes will race in the French town from 24-29 April 2018.

Hyeres, day 1 leading results

RS:X Women :
Race 1 - 1st HKG Hei Man H V Chan, 2nd RUS Stefania Elfutina, 3rd ISR Noga Geller. Best GBR: 16th Emma Wilson.

Race 2 - 1st NED Lilian De Geus, 2nd ISR Maya Morris, 3rd ISR Katy Spychakov. Best GBR: 19th Emma Wilson.

Race 3 - 1st CHN Peina Chen, 2nd ISR Noga Geller, 3rd CHN Pei ling Chen. Best GBR: 6th Emma Wilson.

Overall after 3 races: 1st CHN Peina Chen 5 pts, 2nd ISR Noga Geller 5 pts, 3rd HKG Hei Man H V Chan 8 pts. Best GBR: 15th Emma Wilson 22pts.

Radial Women :
Race 1 - 1st USA Paige Railey, 2nd DEN Anne-Marie Rindom, 3rd HUN Mária Érdi. Best GBR: 11th Georgina Povall, 38th Alison Young.

Race 2 - 1st USA Paige Railey, 2nd NED Marit Bouwmeester, 3rd CRO Andela De Micheli Vitturi. Best GBR: 11th Georgina Povall, 57th Alison Young.

Overall after 2 races: 1st USA Paige Railey 2 pts, 2nd NED Marit Bouwmeester 6 pts, 3rd LTU Viktorija Andrulyte 13 pts. Best GBR: 5th Georgina Povall 19 pts.

Finn Men :
Race 1 - 1st NED Nicholas Heiner, 2nd FRA Jonathan Lobert, 3rd AUS Jake Lilley. Best GBR: 6th Hector Simpson, 17th Ed Wright.

Race 2 - 1st BRA Jorge Zarif, 2nd GBR Ben Cornish, 3rd FRA Jonathan Lobert.

Overall after 2 races: 1st FRA Jonathan Lobert 5 pts, 2nd BRA Jorge Zarif 6 pts, 3rd GRE Ioannis Mitakis 8 pts. Best GBR: 9th Ben Cornish 27 pts.

Nacra 17 :
Race 1 - 1st Ben Saxton / Nicola Boniface GBR, 2nd Ruggero Tita / Caterina Marianna Banti ITA, 3rd Iker Martinez / Olga Maslivets ESP, 4th Rupert White / Kirstie Urwin GBR.

49er FX Women :
Race 1 - 1st Ida Marie Baad Nielsen / Marie Thusgaard Olsen DEN, 2nd Amelia Stabback / Ella Clark AUS, 3rd Sophie Weguelin / Sophie Ainsworth GBR.

Race 2 - 1st DEN Ida Marie Baad Nielsen / Marie Thusgaard Olsen, 2nd SWE Klara Wester / Rebecca Netzler, 3rd NOR Helene Naess / Marie Rønningen. Best GBR: 13th Sophie Weguelin / Sophie Ainsworth.

Overall after 2 races: 1st DEN Ida Marie Baad Nielsen / Marie Thusgaard Olsen 2 pts, 2nd NOR Helene Naess / Marie Rønningen 7 pts, 3rd AUS Amelia Stabback / Ella Clark 10 pts. Best GBR: 6th Sophie Weguelin / Sophie Ainsworth 16 pts.

470 Women :
Race 1 - 1st Camille Lecointre / Aloise Retornaz FRA, 2nd Noya Bar-Am / Nina Amir ISR, 3rd Frederike Loewe / Anna Markfort GER. Best GBR: 5th Hannah Mills / Eilidh McIntyre, 9th Jess Lavery / Flora Stewart.

Race 2 - 1st Mengxi Wei / Haiyan Gao CHN, 2nd Bàrbara Cornudella / Sara López ESP, 3rd Beste Kaynakci / Shahar Tibi TUR, 4th Hannah Mills / Eilidh McIntyre.

Overall after 2 races:
1st CHN Mengxi Wei / Haiyan Gao 7pts, 2nd GBR Hannah Mills / Eilidh McIntyre 9 pts, 3rd FRA Camille Lecointre / Aloise Retornaz 12 pts. Other GBR: 18th Jess Lavery / Flora Stewart 33 pts.

470 Men :
Race 1 - 1st Paul Snow-Hansen / Daniel Willcox NZL, 2nd Hao Lan / Bo Zhou CHN, 3rd Anton Dahlberg / Fredrik Bergström SWE. Best GBR: 22nd Luke Patience / Chris Grube.

Race 2 - 1st Tetsuya Isozaki / Akira Takayanagi JPN, 2nd Giacomo Ferrari / Giulio Calabrò ITA, 3rd Jordi Xammar / Nicolás Rodríguez ESP. Best GBR: 10th Martin Wrigley / James Taylor.

Overall after 2 races:
1st SWE Anton Dahlberg / Fredrik Bergström 7 pts, 2nd CHN Hao Lan / Bo Zhou 9 pts, 3rd ITA Giacomo Ferrari / Giulio Calabrò 11 pts. Best GBR: 17th Martin Wrigley / James Taylor 39 pts, 21st Luke Patience / Chris Grube 44pts.

49er Men :
Race 1 - 1st Carl P Sylvan / Marcus Anjemark SWE, 2nd David Gilmour / Joel Turner AUS, 3rd Dominik Buksak / Szymon Wierzbicki POL. Best GBR: 12th James Peters / Rhos Hawes.

Race 2 - 1st Dylan Fletcher-Scott / Stuart Bithell GBR, 2nd David Gilmour / Joel Turner AUS, 3rd Logan Dunning Beck / Oscar Gunn NZL. Other GBR: 13th Chris Taylor / Samuel Batten.

Race 3 - 1st Dominik Buksak / Szymon Wierzbicki POL, 2nd Carlos Robles Lorente
Marco Soffiatti Grael BRA, 3rd Frederik Rask / Marcus Bay DEN. Best GBR: 11th James Peters / Rhos Hawes.

Overall after 3 races:
1st POL Dominik Buksak / Szymon Wierzbicki 4pts, 2nd AUS David Gilmour / Joel Turner 4pts 3rd Logan Dunning Beck / Oscar Gunn 7pts. Best GBR: 8th Dylan Fletcher-Scott / Stuart Bithell (17,1,21) 18 pts, 17th James Peters / Rhos Hawes (12.28,12) 23 pts.

Laser Men :
Race 1 - 1st Tonci Stipanovic CRO, 2nd Pavlos Kontides CYP, 3rd Tom Burton AUS. Best GBR: 6th Michael Beckett, 10th Sam Whaley.

Race 2 - 1st Tonci Stipanovic CRO, 2nd Jean Baptiste Bernaz FRA, 3rd Lorenzo Brando Chiavarini GBR. Other GBR: 18th Sam Whaley.

Overall after 2 races:
1st CRO Tonci Stipanovic 2pts, 2nd CYP Pavlos Kontides 7 pts, 3rd GBR Lorenzo Brando Chiavarini 16 pts.

RS:X Men :
Race 1 - 1st Pierre Le Coq FRA, 2nd Mengfan Gao CHN, 3rd Louis Giard FRA. Best GBR: 7th Andy Brown, 9th Tom Squires, 11th Kieran Holmes Martin.

Race 2 - 1st Pierre Le Coq FRA, 2nd Kiran Badloe NED, 3rd Louis Giard FRA. Best GBR: 11th Sam Sills.

Overall after 3 races:
1st FRA Pierre Le Coq 2pts, 2nd CHN Mengfan Gao 3pts, 3rd FRA Thomas Goyard 6pts. Best GBR: 13th Tom Squires (9,27,14) 23 pts

2.4 Metre :
Overall after 2 races: 1st FRA Damien Seguin 2 pts, 3rd FRA Bruno Jourdren 4pts, 3rd FRA Xavier Dagault 7 pts.

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