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Sofía Iberostar - Day 5 Results

There was everything to play for on the final day of qualification for Saturday's Medal Races at the Sofía Iberostar regatta, and Team GBR competitors will feature in all ten medal races. GBR 49er -

In the women's 49erFX, Annemiek Bekkering and Annette Duetz NED look to have tied up the Gold early with a 38 point lead.

In the Nacra17 Ruggero Tita and Caterina Banti have a 34 point led to take Gold.

And Anne-Mari Rindom DEN has a 23 point lead in the Radial to give her the Gold.

Australia's Mat Belcher and Will Ryan have also wrapped-up the men's 470 Gold.

Giles Scott GBR finished with a 29 point lead in the Finn, which should also give him the Gold, assuming that they all turn-up to race.

The Britsh Sailing team have a chance for two other golds. Fletcher and Bithell finished top in the 49er but only five points clear of the Langs ARG.

While Hannah Mills and Eilidh McIntyre are second in the women's 470, four points off the leaders, Ai Kondo Yoshida and Miho Yoshioka JPN.

Amy Seabright and Anna Carpenter win the final race of the women's 470 and go into medal in 5th place.

Josh Porebski and Trent Rippry of New Zealand first two 49er race wins of the day to move into third overall, but then took a 20 in the final race.

Brits took 1 and 2 in the final FX race to scrape through in 9 and 10 place.

RS:X women complete and Emma Wilson GBR goes into medal race in 8th place.

Gimson and Burnett GBR grabbed 10th place in the Nacra17 medal race.

Leading series results for day 5 :

Men Laser complete
Overall 9 races - 1st AUS Matthew WEARN (4,13) 2nd NZL Sam MEECH (9,10), 3rd 4th CRO Tonci STIPANOVIC (16,12).
- Best GBR 6th Michael BECKETT (32,11), 10th Nick THOMPSON (31,46).

Men 470
Overall 10 races - 1st AUS Mathew BELCHER / William RYAN (3), 2nd TUR Deniz CINAR / Ates CINAR (7) 3rd GER Simon DIESCH / Philipp AUTENRIETH (8)
- Best GBR 6th GBR Luke PATIENCE / Chris GRUBE (4)

Women Radial complete
Overall 10 races - 1st DEN RINDOM Anne-Marie (10,8), 2nd GBR YOUNG Alison (11,2), 3rd NED BOUWMEESTER Marit (26,15).
- Other GBR 10th SNELLGROVE Hannah (9,36)

Men Finn complete
Overall 10 races - 1st GBR Giles SCOTT (17,3), 2nd NED Nicholas HEINER (2,4), 3rd NZL Andy MALONEY (1,6).

Men RS:X complete
Overall 10 races - 1st FRA Louis GIARD (3,1), 2nd OL Pawel TARNOWSKI (2,2). 3rd DEN Sebastian FLEISCHER (1,21).
- Best GBR 9th Kieran HOLMES-MARTIN (7,DNC)

Women 470 complete
Overall 10 races - 1st JPN Ai KONDO YOSHIDA / Miho YOSHIOKA (2,7), 2nd GBR Hannah MILLS / Eilidh MCINTYRE (4,16), 3rd FRA Camille LECOINTRE / Aloise RETORNAZ (12,21).
- Other GBR - 5th Amy SEABRIGHT / Anna CARPENTER (10,1), 14th GBR Jess LAVERY / Flora STEWART (15,14)

Women RS:X complete
Overall 10 races - 1st NED Lilian DE GEUS (4,3), 2nd CHN Pei Na CHEN (7,8), 3rd ESP Blanca MANCHÓN (1), 4th ITA Flavia Tartaglini (8,27).
- Best GBR 8th GBR Emma WILSON (9,25), 21st GBR Bryony SHAW (11,17).

Mixed Nacra17 complete
Overall 15 races - 1st Ruggero TITA / Caterina BANTI (1,4,3), 2nd GBR Ben SAXTON / Nicola BONIFACE (18,5,15), 3rd ESP Fernando ECHAVARRI / Tara PACHECO (3,1,2), 4th ESP Iker MARTINEZ / Olga MASLIVETSARG (11,7,14).
- Other GBR - 10th John GIMSON / Anna BURNET (2,10,10).

Men 49er complete
Overall 15 races - 1st GBR Dylan FLETCHER-SCOTT / Stuart BITHELL (25,17,3), 2nd ARG Yago LANGE / Klaus LANGE (14,10,8), 3rd FRA Mathieu FREI / Noé DELPECH (11,BFD,12), 4th NZL Josh POREBSKI and Trent RIPPEY (1,1,20).

Women 49erFX complete
Overall 15 races- 1st NED Annemiek BEKKERING / Annette DUETZ (15,1,6), 2nd NED Odile VAN AANHOLT / Marieke JONGENS (1,20,4), 3rd NZL Alexandra MALONEY / Molly MEECH (2,4,3).
- Best GBR 9th Sophie WEGUELIN / Sophie AINSWORTH (11,22,1),10th Charlotte DOBSON / Saskia TIDEY (UFD,14,2).

Full results available here

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