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Sofía Iberostar - Day 1 results

Mallorca's 49th Trofeo Princesa Sofía Iberostar regatta - the biggest ever - for the Olympic classes is underway.

With two years now until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics the Sofía Iberostar regatta is an almost essential fixture.

The regatta marks the start of the journey for country qualification for Japan leading up to this season's World Championships of Aarhus.

Fickle, light winds provided testing conditions and saw the light weather specialists hitting the front, while some big names suffered and will hope for more wind tomorrow.

Sofía Iberostar is an open regatta, without the invitation system of the World Cup Series events, this means big fleets and a big challenge for the organisation, but is preferred by the competitors.

Leading results for day 1 :

Women RS:X
Overall 2 races - 1st CHN Pei Na CHEN (1,1) 2nd GBR Bryony SHAW (7,1), 3rd POL Zofia NOCETI (2,6)

Women 49erFX
Overall 3 races- 1st NED Annemiek BEKKERING / Annette DUETZ (1,1,3), 2nd NZL Alexandra MALONEY / Molly MEECH (2,13,1), 3rd DEN Ida NIELSEN / Marie OLSEN (1,2, 8)
- Best GBR 4th Charlotte DOBSON / Saskia TIDEY (2,2,25).

Women 470
Overall 2 races - 1st SUI Linda FAHRNI / Maja SIEGENTAHLER (3,2), 2nd GER Nadine BOEHM / Ann-Christin GOLIASS (5,1), 3rd JPN Ai KONDO YOSHIDA / Miho YOSHIOKA (2,4)
- Best GBR 5th Jess LAVERY / Flora STEWART (6,5)

Men Finn
Overall 2 races - 1st ESP Alejajndro MUSCAT (2,5), 2nd GBR Giles SCOTT (6,3), 3rd ARG Facundo OLEZZA (12,1)

Men RS:X
Overall 1 race - 1st CHN Tao LI (1), 2nd JPN Makoto TOMIZAWA (1), 3rd CHN Bing YE (1)
- Best GBR 7th Kieran HOLMES-MARTIN

Men Laser
Overall 1 race - 1st AUS Finn ALEXANDER (1), 2nd GBR Lorenzo CHIAVARINI (1), 3rd NZL Sam MEECH (1)

Men 470
Overall 2 races - 1st JPN Naoki ICHINO / Takashi HASEGAWA (3,1), 2nd FRA Kevin PEPONNET / Jeremie MION (5,2), 3rd GBR Luke PATIENCE / Chris GRUBE (9,3)

Women Radial
Overall 1 race - 1st SUI JAYET Maud (1), 2nd HUN ERDI Maria (1), 3rd GRE KARACHALIOU Vasileia (2),
Best GBR 11th YOUNG Alison.

Men 49er
Overall 3 races - 1st DEN Jonas WARRER / Jakob PRECHT JENSEN (1,1,10), 2nd POL Dominik BUKSAK / Szymon WIERZBICKI (2,10,1), 3rd FRA Lucas RUAL / Emile AMOROS (11,4,1).
Best GBR 9th Dylan FLETCHER-SCOTT / Stuart BITHELL (12,1,5)

Mixed Nacra17
Overall 3 races - 1st Ruggero TITA / Caterina BANTI (1,1,3), 2nd ARG Santiago LANGE/ Cecilia CARRANZA SAROLI (9,2,1), 3rd GBR Ben SAXTON / Nicola BONIFACE (2,1,3).

Full results available here

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