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Volvo Ocean Race - Brunel leads past Point Nemo

The wind has abated a bit and shifted more SW allowing the boats to sail a more direct course. Team Brunel, keep their the lead at 19:00 Sunday.Blair tuke holding the Nemo signal, Tamara at the back -

The Volvo fleet continue to reel-off the miles. Team Brunel sailed over the fleet Saturday night (UTC) in a stonger breeze and has a 24 nm lead over Dongfeng Race Team and Turn the Tide on Plastic.

Vestas 11th Hour Racing is almost level with Dongfeng and Turn the Tide on Plastic, with MAPFRE in fifth, 41 nm off the leader.

The Volvo fleet will pass quite close to Point Nemo, defined as the place furthest from land in the world, this weekend.

Point Nemo is located over 1,600 miles (1,400 nautical miles) from the Pitcairn islands to the north, the Easter Islands to the north-east and Antarctica to the south.

On this Southern Ocean leg, the fleet is actually passing to the south of the theoretical position of Point Nemo (at 04:38 UTC Sunday) named after Captain Nemo from the Jules Verne story.

This is where the sailors are closer to the astronauts on the International Space Station than they are to any earthly inhabitation.

For decades, Point Nemo has been a 'space junk' graveyard, where hundreds of decommisioned satellites and the like are jettisoned as they re-enter earth's atmosphere.

Volvo Ocean Race - Leg 7 - Sunday 25 March @ 19:00 UTC

1. Team Brunel -- distance to finish -- 3,568 nautical miles
2. Turn the Tide on Plastic + 24.4 nm
3. Dongfeng Race Team + 24.6 nm
4. Vestas 11th Hour Racing + 25.3 nm
5. team AkzoNobel + 37 nm
6. MAPFRE + 41 nm
7. Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag + 135 nm

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