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RS:X agree better distribution of equipment

International RS:X manufacturer NeilPryde agree better distribution of equipment following concerns that there has been not enough equipment provided to the sailors from European countries.

The International RS:X Class Executive Committee recently had a meeting to discuss concerns regards RS:X equipment production and the distribution.

The class concern was that there has been not enough equipment, especially the fins, provided to the sailors from European countries.

The Class Chief Measurer, Bas Edmonds, had just returned from the RS:X manufacturing audit in Thailand and China and reported to the Class Executive Committee about his observations.

Overall Edmonds reported that:

Each of the factories are producing equipment to within the quality control requirements. There was not anything observed within the production process that would jeopardise the equipment quality or consistency.

There remains the unknown factor of “sailor feeling” with regards to equipment but the components as measured are consistent and repeatable over a wide sample of equipment – but this may not necessarily be measurable within even a factory environment.

See full audit report here

The Class Executive Committee and NeilPryde agreed that the highest priority will now go to European distribution.

This will include distribution at the RS:X events held in Europe: the Princesa Sofia Trophie in Palma, SWC Hyeres and SWC Final in Marseille.

At these events the non-European sailors who are participating those events, will also receive their ordered equipment.

The Class will continuously observe the distribution process and will do their best to make sure that every RS:X sailor participating at the Aarhus 2018 Sailing World Championships, will have their ordered equipment in time.

The Aarhus event is the first qualifying event for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games.

During the Princesa Sofia Trophy in Palma, Spain, the Class Sailors Representative, Bryony Shaw and the Class Vice President, Ronnie Meir, will be open to any question related to the equipment and its distribution problem.

Also, any questions can be sent to the RS:X Class Secretary – [email protected]

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