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Volvo Race - Gybing battle along the Ice Boundry

Volvo Fleet short gybing along the Ice Exclusion Zone. Positions change often now depending on which gybe a boat is on - MAPFRE takes back lead.Turn the Tide on Plastic at Speed -

The boats have reduced the number of gybes as the conditions are pretty bad. Boats to the south have a slight header and can continue on Port gybe for longer, giving the lead to MAPFRE.

Mapfre and Turn The Tide are the two most Southerly boats.

MAPFRE, earlier reported damage to its mast track, which has slowed the team somewhat.

SHK/Scallywag, already trailing the fleet by 100 miles this morning, reported damage to a runner block. It was quickly repaired and while the team lost some miles, no lasting damage was done.

The further south you are the bigger the sea state, the further south you are the more gybes you have to do.

As the boats approach Cape Horn, the IEZ has been pushed further south, allowing more options for when the teams approach with a forecast for strong conditions.

Steam from Alex Goughs hands - Click image for a larger image

Today they are experiencing the first of two lows. First is the small one, with winds only getting up to the low 30s.

Sunday there’s a bit of relief and then a 40 knot plus ass kicker with 9-meter swell bears down on us and takes us all the way to the Horn, which Dee says is five days away.

Volvo Ocean Race - Leg 7 - Saturday 24 March @ 18:00 UTC

1. MAPFRE -- distance to finish -- 4115 nautical miles
2. Turn the Tide on Plastic + 8.4 nm
3. Team Brunel + 16 nm
4. team AkzoNobel + 33 nm
5. Vestas 11th Hour Racing + 36 nm
6. Dongfeng Race Team + 44 nm
7. Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag + 140 nm

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