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InkDisplay - High contrast display for sailing

InkDisplay - a high contrast display for sailing with the best possible visibility even through polarized sunglasses in direct sunshine.

Basically, it is a screen for sailors allowing them to view all race relevant information.

It has bright e-ink display, batteries four times more powerful than regular tablets; it is fully waterproof, with a rubberized cover so it sticks to the deck, and if you drop it – it will not break but bounce.

The Sailracer.net display app mirrors your screen from a regular phone or tablet on the InkDisplay screen.

InkDisplay Main features:

E-Ink carta (e-paper) screen technology provides perfect visibility in direct sunlight from all directions, even with polarized sunglasses.

Batteries, over 4 times more powerful than usual, keep the display running on a full refresh rate for several days.

It is waterproof – IP68 means the device can be immersed underwater, not only for half an hour, like most waterproof devices, but for months – there is no risk of leakage.

The case, made from soft polyurethane resin, absorbs shock vibration if you drop it, making it non- slippery on a wet deck.

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