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The Ocean Brothers - Fighting Skin Cancer

On Thursday 18 January, half-brothers Greg and Jude, a.k.a. The Ocean Brothers, set off across the Atlantic, unaccompanied, to raise money for the British Skin Foundation.

On Sunday 11 March, the pair arrived safe and sound in Barbados, having completed their epic 53-day challenge – and for their mum, Alex, it was the best Mother’s Day gift ever.

They also secured a new Guinness World Record for Jude as the youngest person ever to complete an ocean crossing in a pair.

They met sharks, suffered from hallucinations and, from day four when their watermaker broke, they had to use a hand pump for five hours a day to ensure they had enough drinking water.

However, they emerged from this incredible physical challenge having raised £82,000 – £10,677 of which was donated by Simpson Travel.

In August 2015, Greg Bailey and Jude Massey lost their father and stepfather after a 16-year battle with skin cancer.

In his memory, they rowed across the second largest ocean in the world, covering 25 miles a day and battling 30-foot waves to raise awareness and money for essential research into the disease.

With no back up, they rowed from Gran Canaria to Barbados, all the while focused on their target to raise £100,000 for the British Skin Foundation.

Skin cancer includes basal cell skin cancer, squamous cell skin cancers and other rare types.

They tend to develop most often on skin that's exposed to the sun. There is a high cure rate for these cancers. It is important that you check your skin regularly. cancerresearchuk.org

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