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Joel Ronning wins J70 Bacardi Cup Invitational

The J70 Bacardi Cup Invitational Regatta in Miami was won by Joel Ronning, sailing with Chris Stokey, Patrick Wilson and John Kosteki of the USA.

Joel Ronning finished six points clear of second placed Jud Smith, sailing with Will Felder, Marc Gauthier, Cindy Smith and Lucas Calabrese.

In third place were Brian Keane, Thomas Barrows, Joe Morris and Charles Swansan, for anall USA podium.

On the final day Timy Healy, sailing with Reed Baldrige, John Mollicone and Paul Abdullah, took back-to-back wins to finish fifth overall behind Peter Duncan, sailing with Victo Diaz Delon, William Van May and Massimo Bortoletto.

Heather Gregg and her crew on ‘Muse’ won the Corinthian category, with Mallory Loe and team on ‘Dime’ in second and Nancy Glover and her team on ‘WinterWind’ in third.

Bacardi Cup J70 Invitational Regatta - Final Leaders (47 entries)

1st USA 187 Joel Ronning, Chris Stokey, Patrick Wilson and John Kosteki 24 pts
2nd USA 1310 Jud Smith / Will Felder / Marc Gauthier / Cindy Smith / Lucas Calabrese 30 pts
3rd USA 96 Brian Keane / Thomas Barrows / Joe Morris / Charles Swansan 32 pts
4th USA 49 Peter Duncan, Victo Diaz Delon, William Van May and Massimo Bortoletto 33 pts
5th USA 2 Timothy Healy / Reed Baldrige / John Mollicone / Paul Abdullah 49 pts
6th USA 340 John Brim / Collin Leon / Taylor Canfield / Scott Ewing 51 pts
7th MON 1073 Vincenzo Onorato / Matteo Savelli / Flavio Favini / Paul Goodison / Giulia Elba Masotto 52 pts
8th BRA 1174 Renato Faria / Kadja Brandao / Alfredo Rovere / Henrique Pellicano / Caroline Atwood 58 pts
9th USA 151 Thomas Bowen / Martin Kullman, Alex Shafer, Jacolyn Wetmore 68 pts
10th USA 95 Heather Gregg, Stuat Johnson, Shawn Powell, Patrick Norris 75 pts
Best GBR:
25th GBR 1247 Martin Dent / Giles Maltby / Ruairidh Scott / Like Cross 165.0 pts
29th GBR 1127 Paul Ward / Paul Blowers / Pete McCoy / Oli Wells 179.0 pts

Full results available here

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