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18ft Skiff JJ Giltinan - Kiwis set for Victory

The final race of the 2018 JJ Giltinan trophy on Sunday will decide the 18ft Skiff championship, when one of the two New Zealand teams will take the trophy.

Sunday will be an historic day in 18ft Skiff JJ Giltinan Trophy history when a New Zealand team will be the first Kiwi team to win the championship on Sydney Harbour since the first championship regatta was sailed back in 1938.

Smeg of Lee Knapton, Ricky Bridge and Mike McKense won race 8, but it was too little, too late for the Aussie team, and for the first time in 44 years the Kiwis will take the title back home.

Second behind Smeg was New Zealand's Honda Marine of David McDiarmid, Matt Steven and Brad Collins, with Asko Appliances of James Dorron in third and in fourth Finport Trade Finance, Keagan York.

The second Kiwi team, Maersk Line of Josh Porebski, Jack Simpson and Dave Hazzard finished fifth.

Overall Honda Marine of Dave McDiarmid leads, second is Maersk Line of Josh Porebski just two points off the leader, and in third is the Australian team of Asko Appliances, James Dorron, 14 points behind the leaders.

Smeg are in fourth place, 21 points off the leader.

The Winning Group JJ Giltinan International 18ft Skiff Championship - Overall After Race 8 with 1 discard

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