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Icy racing at Cannes Dragon Grand Prix

Despite the icy weather, the Dragon class have managed four races at the Cannes Dragon Grand Prix.Jerboa sets off for another icy day -

Martin (Stavros) Payne commented: During my 25 years of Dragon Sailing in Cannes I have never seen snow, apart from on the Ski Slopes during the annual Ski-Vol in January. Yet this week it’s been cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey :-).

Marcus Brennecke of Germany (4,1,12,9) has a six point lead ahead of Anataloy Loginov of Russia (2,12,2,16) with Britain's Mike Budd (10,2,17,6) in third place a further three points back.

In fourth place is Wolf Waschkuhn SUI, fifth Vasiliy Senatorov RUS and sixth Gordon Grant GBR. There are 43 entries.

Full results here

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