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Half of 2024 Olympic Sailing Events decided

World Sailing has announced that it has put up for review the Olympic events represented by the 470 M/W, Finn, and RSX M/W classes.49erFX gets the thumbs-up

By choosing not to review the other five events; the Laser/Radial, 49er/49erFX and Nacra 17 events and current equipment will remain for the Games in Paris 2024.

The decision itself was very close, with 21 for and 17 against, showing how divided World Sailing Council is on the future of the sport.

Just a few months ago, Theatre Style Racing format was defeated 20 to 21 by the same body, which was in some ways a precursor to this vote.

How sailing comes together over the next two phases of this process will have a major impact on the strength and stability of Olympic Sailing for years to come.

The impetus for reviewing events derives from two IOC initiatives:

1. The IOC now reviews events, not just sports - each event must stand up to that level of scrutiny.

2. World Sailing has agreed to both participation and event gender equaility - since the 2020 events do not balance, change is required to comply.

Putting events up for review is the first part of the process World Sailing has agreed to in order to make the change. There are three major sections of work:

Phase 1 - Decide what to review, and by default what would remain. The minimum number of boats up for review, by rule, was four. The decision today is to review five.

Phase 2 - Decide the Events (high level description of what the racing should be) for the balance of the five events. This begins in Mid-March and concludes in a vote at the World Sailing mid-year meeting on 15 May in London.

Phase 3 - Decide which equipment should be used by the nominated events.
This vote can occur at the November 2018 meeting, with provisions to extend for an additional year if new boat designs are required.

Of the ten events and 350 athletes destined for Paris 2024, half of the equipment is now known - Laser/Radial, 49er/49erFX and Nacra 17.

The work now begins to select both the Events and Equipment to fill the remainder of the slate.

The next step is the high level phase, where 'Sailing' will decide what to aim for while balancing a huge variety of factors.

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