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Optimist Nations' Trophy - Day 2 cut-short

After a two hour postponement Friday, only the white and green group could sail in Palamos, with Marc Mesquida and Manhes Andréa being the winners in each respective group.

In the white group victory went to Spanish Sailor Marc Mesquida, second place for Malthe Ebdrup of Denmark and third was Maria Perelló of Spain.

Best placed Britsi competitor in the green flight race was Callum Davidson-Guild of Trearduur Bay/Shotwick Lake SC in 14th. He had an 86 place finish in race 1 Thursday.

Two French sailors, Manhes Andréa and Zou Schemmel were first and second in the green group and third place was for Spanish sailor Pau Mesquida.

Will Pank of Britain, who won the white flight race Thursday, finished 25th in race 2 and was best placed GBR again.

No racing for the other three groups was possible, so no update of the overall positions.

Optimist - Race 2 Green Group
1st FRA 1 ANDRÉA, Manhes u16M
2nd FRA 2690 SCHEMMEL, Zou
3rd ESP 2732 MESQUIDA, Pau
4th SUI 1860 VLEESHOUWERS, Stach
5th GER 1310 BARTH, Anna
14th GBR 6469 DAVIDSON-GUILD, Callum
29th GBR 6369 LONSDALE, Freddie
60th GBR 6343 MARTIN, Will
95th GBR 6297 LANCE, George
104th GBR 6418 UTTING, Anna

Optimist - Race 2 White Group
1st ESP 1928 MESQUIDA, Marc
2nd DEN 8583 EBDRUP, Malthe
3rd ESP 2800 PERELLÓ, Maria
4th SWE 4728 LINDSTRÖM, Lukas
5th SUI 1844 GRANDJEAN, Axel
25th GBR 6464 PANK, William
49th GBR 6087 FFLUR, Arwen
63rd GBR 6459 FARRER, Megan
78th GBR 6366 HARTSHORN, Finley
84th GBR 6278 MEADOWCROFT, Oliver
89th GBR 6346 BREESE, Emma
105th GBR 6273 MAY, Freddie

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