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HISC slash Membership fee

With sailing clubs feeling the membership pinch, Hayling Island SC have taken a proactive stand, slashing £350 off of their first years membership fees.Hayling Island SC -

Hayling Island SC are dropping their normal joining fee for anyone signing up before 4 June. A saving of £350.

And, they are also taking a pre-emptive move by encouraging non-boat owners to join, having recently boosted their dinghy hire fleet and encouraging there use in the club sailing and racing events.

It has become clear in recent sport and leisure surveys that the focus on the traditional racing activities at sailing clubs is causing a growing generation gap.

There is now more focus on less structured activities, often taking place outside formal organisations, and driven by digital apps that have replaced traditional structures to control and organise the activity.

This does not mean that existing organisations are redundant, but that they have to look at how they present and provide their services.

By being open to less structured requests and placing themselves to provide them. The more encompassing "watersports" is the latest buzzword.

Commenting on the announcement, David Nicholls, Chair of HISC Membership Committee said . . .

“HISC is a very special and welcoming club offering water-based activities for people of all ages and abilities. The club has exceptional facilities and opportunities for families, individuals and young people in terms of life skills, peer groups, support and friendship."

"We are really passionate to offer this opportunity to anyone thinking of taking up sailing or watersports and hope that by waiving our joining fee and arranging this Open Day we will welcome many new people to our wonderful club.”

Hayling Island SC Open Day is taking place Monday 28 May 2018 but you can contact them now on 023 9246 3768 or visit the website here

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