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RORC Caribbean 600 surpasses expectation

The Royal Ocean Racing Club's, RORC Caribbean 600 has once again surpassed expectation, with 80 boats from around the world signing up to race.Unfinished business for Quentin Stewart's foiling Infiniti 46 Maverick -

The 10th edition, starting on Monday 19 February from Antigua, has entries from 15 different countries which will include three previous winners of the prestigious RORC Caribbean 600 Trophy:

2016 - Maxi 72, Proteus (USA), 2013 - Cookson 50, Privateer (USA) and 2009 - Lee Overlay Partners, Cookson 50 (IRL).

Superyachts Danneskjold, Dixon 100 and SouthernWind 102, Farfalla will also be on the startline along with a large number of Maxis including Rambler 88.

Great Britain, with 27 entries, tops the list of nationalities, followed by 13 teams from the USA who have won six out of nine editions of race.

The 2018 edition will see a record number of French entries (11) compete and the largest ever entry from German boats (10), many of which are competing in the eastbound Atlantic Anniversary Regatta to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Hamburg-based club NRV.

To date, seven Class40s will compete, as well as eight multihulls and a diverse fleet from race charter boats to the smallest in the race at 9.2m, Modic.

The 600 nm course circumnavigates 11 Caribbean Islands starting from Fort Charlotte, English Harbour, Antigua and heads north as far as St Martin and south to Guadeloupe taking in Barbuda, Nevis, St Kitts, Saba and St Barth's

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