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British Sailing - No Respect?

Is there Any sailing event that can raise the profile of Britain's top dinghy sailors? Dylan Fletcher-Scott and Stuart Bithell -

At the Miami World Series, Britain has several Olympic medallists plus world and European champions competing. No matter how well they perform you can be sure that the UK media will not be there.

This morning the UK media - press and TV - is full of the remarkable exploits of Britain's Kyle Edmund at the Australian Tennis Open, reaching the semi-finals. 23-year-old Edmund, who has never progressed further than the last eight at this level, is sudddenly the next big thing in British tennis.

Every TV and Radio news programme leads with his progress, the national press vies to post a larger frontpage image. No matter what his progress over the rest of the week he is firmly in the British public eye as a champion in waiting.

How different is the reaction to a British sailor 'winning' a world championship or even an Olympic title?

For the former a mention on a specialist internet website, for the later a brief mention in their local press or TV.

Dylan Fletcher-Scott and Stuart Bithell won both the 49er European and World titles in 2017, the first Brits to win a 49er European, World or Olympic title for ten years.

The years of struggle will have been similar - the hours of training and long distance travel with often only parental support keeping the whole thing on the road, and I don't think they have picked up £1.5m in prize money!

And when the breakthrough comes . . . the sound of silence!

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