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BAR Technologies launches revolutionary new yacht

Ben Ainslie's BAR Technologies is working with British yard Princess Yachts on a carbon fibre project that is described as an “entirely new class of yacht.Roll-out at BAR Portsmouth HQ -

Recently rolled-out at BAR Technologies’ headquarters at the Land Rover BAR America's Cup Portsmouth base, with a vibrant camouflage hull wrap, with the yard only confirming that its length is mid-30ft (10.6 metres).

Princess Yachts claimed that the new project - 'will establish a whole new class of yacht.'

While specific information on the boat isn’t yet available, it was spotted in Portsmouth in ‘dazzle camouflage’ – an eye-catching pattern designed to confuse the eye and disguise the yachts features.

BAR Technologies was set up to share design knowledge, technical skills and resources built up through Land Rover BAR’s involvement in the America’s Cup.

Roll-out at BAR Portsmouth HQ - Click image for a larger image

BAR Technologies also recently launched BAR Rigging to focus on offering high performance cutting-edge rigging techniques, materials and practices in the marine industry including grand prix racing campaigns, dinghy classes, cruisers and the super yacht market.

BAR Rigging’s in-house testing facilities and partnerships with the market leaders in rope and hardware manufacture mean that they can offer the very latest developments to clients well before competitors.

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