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2nd Musto Skiff World title for Jon Newman

Australian Jon Newman takes a second Musto Skiff World Championship. Topping the podium ahead of Will Phillips and Jamie Hilton in Melbourne, Australia.

Three more races were completed on the final day and Newman (4,5,1) confirmed the title with a win in the final race to finish 12 points ahaed of Phillips (7,1,6) with Hilton (5,7,9) in third place.

Winner of the first race Sunday was Richie Robertson (1,10,2) of Australia, with second Britain's Dave Poston (2,6,12).

Race 2 went to George Hand (3,2,5) who finished the championship in fourth place, tied on points with Hilton.

The final race was a win for Newman ahead of Robertson with Marcus Hamilton (8,11,3) in third place.

ACO Musto Skiff Worlds - Final Leaders after 13 races, 2 discards (56 entries)

1st AUS 492 Jon Newman 36 pts
2nd AUS 553 William Phillips 48 pts
3rd GBR 444 Jamie Hilton 64 pts
4th GBR 548 George Hand 64 pts
5th AUS 513 Thor Schoenhoff 78 pts
6th GBR 372 Alex Knight 98 pts
7th GBR 520 Dave Poston 100 pts
8th AUS 576 Marcus Hamilton 103 pts
9th AUS 554 Wayne Bates 104 pts
10th AUS 408 Matthias Houvenagel 107 pts
11th AUS 493 Arthur Brett 121 pts
12th AUS 578 Paul Newman 122 pts
13th AUS 572 James Sly 127 pts
14th GBR 568 Andrew Peake 134 pts
15th AUS 579 Tim Hill 140 pts
16th AUS 379 Sam Phillips 143 pts
17th SUI 459 Alexander Greil 171 pts
18th GBR 533 Stuart Keegan 177 pts
19th AUS 452 Richie Robertson 178 pts
20th NED 478 Paul Dijkstra 188 pts
21st GBR 364 Andy Rice 188 pts
22nd GBR 535 David Annan 198 pts
23rd AUS 418 Brett Morris 226 pts
24th GBR 574 Jack Grogan 241 pts
25th AUS 357 Peter Kendall 251 pts

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