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RS Sailing tick the box with RS21 - Update

RS Sailing tick another box with their all new RS21 (think SB20, Melges 20 etc) which hits the boatshow circuit in Dusseldorf later this month.

The 21 footer (20ft 10 ins) comes with an impeccable sustainability background . . . plenty of eco-friendly, bio-derived and recycled core materials - you probably donated some of it to your local recycling centre recently.

With the current trend to hold championships in far flung corners of the globe, it is also ready for freight stacking, and if the venue turns out not have any wind, it has a rechargeable electric propulsion system.

Click image for a larger image

Not much in the way of details in their launch press release apart from basic dims:

LOA 6.34m – Beam 2.2m – Draft 1.38m - 2-part carbon fibre mast.

No details of weight, rig, price etc., and nothing on the website at the moment.

Ed Note: Some details now added to their website (Sun) . . . So racing sail area is 59 sqm. Weight is 675 Kg.

On the RS Sailing website the RS21 is Priced at £ 24,980 without Genneker (£3,000) and Trolley (£1,440). So around £29,500

Among the standard features is a data logger for cloud community interaction.

And also a very nice futuristic Android crewed shot of the boat . . . As RS say . . . Not just a new boat but a new way to sail!

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RS are pushing the RS21 as a progressive, simple and affordable solution for keelboat clubs with fleet ownership, league competition and training and Pay-as-you-go sailing.

This is an already crowded market and RS are late to the table, but will be hoping that they have cherry-picked all the good bits to make their latest box-ticker a winner.

To get any boatshow special price you will have to go to Boot, Dusseldorf in Germany from January 20 - 28.

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