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Etchells World Championship record equalled by Taylor

Graham Taylor, James Mayo and Richard Allanson sailed the final two races Friday to seal the 2018 Etchells Australian Championship title.Magpie AUS 947 -

The victory means that they equal John Bertrand’s record of three back to back wins.

The penultimate race went to Jeanne-Claude Strong and her Sydney based crew, and the final championship race to Michael Manford.

Taylor took an eighth and a final race third place to finish overall nine points clear of David Turton, Josh Torpy and Klaus Lorenz.

In third place on the podium were Michael Manford, Dean McAullay and Nick Gray.

The final word was reserved for the winning skipper Graeme Taylor:

“It’s been an amazing week, we got everything in the weather, we had a light air race, heavy air race, a couple in between, we have had an absolute ball, and we are thrilled with the result."

"We are really pleased to have won three in a row and matched John Bertrand who is the only other person to do that, so we have an opportunity to go one better next time. We have a great team of people around us and it just makes it enjoyable as much as everything else.”

Etchells 2018 Australian Championships - Final Leaders after 8 races (32 entries)

1 AUS947 Graeme Taylor & James Mayo & Richard Allanson 15 pts
2 AUS885 David Turton & Josh Torpy & Klaus Lorenz 24 pts
3 AUS1402 Michael Manford & Dean McAullay & Nick Gray 28 pts
4 AUS1435 Jeanne-Claude Strong & Seve Jarvin & Marcus Burke & Kate Devereux 32 pts
5 AUS1449 Martin Hill & Mark Langford & Julian Plante & Joachim Aschenbrenner 34 pts
6 AUS1244 Douglas McGain & Michael OBrien & Anthony Nossiter 49 pts
7 AUS874 Chris Hampton & Sam Haines & Charlie Cumbley 57 pts
8 AUS990 Ben Durham & Andy Fethers & Sean Gregory 58 pts
9 AUS1382 Peter Chappell & Graeme Johnson & Luke Payne 60 pts
10 AUS1374 Raymond Smith & Peter Nicholas & Michael Hughes 66 pts
11 AUS1400 Chris Pratt & Simon Wilder & Jake Flintoff 71 pts
12 AUS1325 Peter McNeill & Gary Smith & Dean Blatchford 80 pts
13 AUS1267 Bill Steele & Sam Gilmour & Emilia Horn & Alex Landwehr 84 pts
14 AUS1392 Stephen Billingham & Ian Johnson & Chris Allen 99 pts
15 AUS1226 Martin Webster & Chris Smith & Adele Jackson & Bjorne Neilson 103 pts
16 AUS1357 Gordon Blaauw & Tom Blaauw & Mark Spearman 109 pts
17 AUS827 Mark Lovelady & Travis Keay & David Mann 109 pts
18 AUS875 Bruce Ferguson & Cameron Miles & David Sampson 112 pts
19 AUS916 Brad Sheridan & Ethan Prieto-Low & Brett Shoebridge 122 pts
20 AUS963 Grantham Kitto & Bradley Moore & Tim Ward & Jonathon Kitto 128 pts

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