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29er Worlds - Final of Pre-Worlds event

Calum Gregor and Jon Crawford won the 29er Pre-worlds event, the Hong Kong Open incorporating the Hong Kong National 29er Championship.

The British/Irish pair, based in Hong Kong, put down a strong marker for the 29er Worlds starting on the 2nd January with the practice race.

29er - Hong Kong Open after 12 races (33 entries)

1st HKG 2532 Calum GREGOR and Jon CRAWFORD 25 pts
2nd HKG 2655 Karrie CLARK and Akira SAKAI 30 pts
3rd NZL 5 Sebastian LARDIES and Scott MCKENZIE 46 pts
4th NZL 19 Josh BERRY and Tom FYFE 71 pts
5th AUS 25 Kieran BUCKTIN and Shannon WRIGHT 74 pts
6th RUS 2523 Vasilii ANDREEV and Leonid PUSHEV 78 pts
7th NZL 2390 Lewis ANDERSON and Pat MORGAN 85 pts
8th NZL 12 Francesco KAYROUZ and Jackson KEON 94 pts
9th HKG 2521 Matthew CLARK and Isamu Kendal SAKAI 94 pts
10th HKG 261 Malo KENNISH and Anatole MARTIN 97 pts
11th NZL 2547 Helena SANDERSON and Jack HONEY 112 pts
12th HKG 1951 Duncan GREGOR and Peter BACKE 123 pts
13th HKG 267 Harriette EDMONDS and Russell AYLSWORTH 131 pts
14th HKG 2613 Casey LAW and Nathan BRADLEY 133 pts
15th NZL 2398 Ben PATERSON and Sean PATERSON 136 pts
16th NZL 2687 Campbell STANTON and William SHAPLAND 139 pts
17th CAN 2703 Henrik PARKER and Josh SMITHMAN 158 pts
18th NZL 2395 Henry WILSON and Sam MORGAN 160 pts
19th NZL 2396 Craig KEENAN and Reece CAULFIELD 177 pts
20th NZL 2394 Crystal SUN and Olivia HOBBS 185 pts
21st CAN 2073 Galen RICHARDSON and Aidan CHIU 192 pts
22nd USA 2783 Ripley SHELLEY and Severin GRAMM 196 pts
23rd NZL 2393 Sophia FYFE and Zelda LADEFOGED 244 pts
24th HKG 2166 Dolf HENDRIKSON and Julian FUNG 256 pts
25th HKG 9 Cosmas GRELON and Penelope MARTIN 258 pts
26th HKG 2412 Augustin CLOT and Adam PHEASANT 260 pts
27th ISV 2560 Sarah HARDEE and Steven HARDEE 264 pts
28th AUS 2688 Maxwell GIFFNEY and Nathan STANAWAY 304 pts
29th HKG 2531 James FERGUSON and Cameron FERGUSON 314 pts
30th HKG 1112 Sean LEE and Edward SALMON 315 pts
31st HKG 2524 Lewis CLARK and Tiger MOK 319 pts
32nd HKG 2612 Oi Tung Emily HA and Ellie CUMPSTY 320 pts
33rd HKG 216 Rose DUCKWORTH and Katy CRAWFORD 350 pts
33rd HKG 2165 Kala DAVIES and Christos ATZEMIAN 350 pts

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