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420 World Championship - Day 1 in Fremantle - Update

Due to a wandering mark the first race for the 420 Open series was declared abandoned. The reworked results have Spain's Enrique and Pablo Lujan tied for the overall lead with Chris Charlwood and Josh Dawson of Australia.Jack Lewis/Charlie Bacon (GBR) -

In third place are Enzo Balanger and Gaultier Tallieu of France tied on two points with Eduard Ferrer and Carlos De Maquq of Spain.

In fifth place are the Australian pair, Alexander Higgins and Joal McKenzie, tied on three points with Andrea Spangnolli and Kevin Rio of Italy.

Best British competitors are Eleanor Keers and Aaron Chadwick (12) in 23rd place.

Leading the women's event are Nia Jerwood and Monique De Vries (1,1) of Australia. Second are Laura Harding and Eleanor Grimshaw (2,3) with third María and Pilar Caba (7,4).

Britain's Isabel Davies and Gemma Keers (4,7) are in fifth place.

Leading the U17 event are Florian and Maximilian Busher of Germany.

Britain's Rhys Lewis and Drew Wright (20,7) are placed 12th, Jack Lewis and Charlie Bacon (17,14) are 15th.

144 teams from 18 nations are competing at the championship, hosted by the Fremantle Sailing Club.

420 World Championship - Open Leaders after 1 race (64 entries)

1st ESP 56331 Enrique LUJÁN and Pablo LUJÁN 1 pts
1st AUS 54351 Chris CHARLWOOD and Josh DAWSON 1 pts
3nd FRA 56030 Enzo BALANGER and Gaultier TALLIEU 2 pts
3nd ESP 55980 Eduard FERRER and Carlos DE MAQUA 2 pts
5th AUS 56191 Alexander HIGGINS and Joal MCKENZIE 3 pts
5th ITA 56028 Andrea SPAGNOLLI and Kevin RIO 3 pts
7th FRA 55086 Tristan PERON-PHILIPPE and Yvon LARNICOL 4 pts
7th ESP 52779 Albert TORRES and Francisco MULET 4 pts
9th ESP 56251 Elias ARETZ and Pablo GARCÍA 5 pts
9th ESP 55947 Carlos BALAGUER and Antoni MASSANET 5 pts
11th FRA 55986 Thomas ANDRE and Justin BARADAT 6 pts
11th ITA 56278 Edoardo FERRARO andFrancesco ORLANDO 6 pts
13th FRA 55985 Hugo LE CLECH and Zachary LE BRIS 7 pts

420 World Championship - Ladies Leaders after 2 races (39 entries)

1st AUS 54798 Nia JERWOOD and Monique DE VRIES 1 1 2 pts
2nd AUS 55158 Laura HARDING and Eleanor GRIMSHAW 2 3 5 pts
3rd ESP 56246 María CABA and Pilar CABA 7 4 11 pts
4th GBR 55517 Isabel DAVIES and Gemma KEERS 4 7 11 pts
5th BRA 54642 Olívia BELDA and Elisa VON FRITSCH 5 6 11 pts
6th AUS 53663 Sophie MCINTOSH and Orla MULHOLLAND-PATTERSON 3 9 12 pts
7th ITA 56047 Arianna PASSAMONTI and Giulia FAVA 9 5 14 pts
8th SUI 56274 Solène MARIANI and Maude SCHMID 8 8 16 pts
9th ITA 56078 Sofia ATTILI and Emma CRUGNOLA 6 13 19 pts
10th AUS 55166 Sophie JACKSON and Laura THOMSON 20 2 22 pts

Full results here

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