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Palamos Christmas Race - Capsizes and broken equipment

Day three in Palamós saw extreme sailing conditions, the strong Tramuntana North wind reaching 30 knots in the bay with waves of over 2 metres.

Alison Young won the single race completed in the women's Radial, with Maria Erdi taking second and Tatiana Drozdovskaya third, that also being the overall positions after four races.

In the men's Radial, winner was Pep Cazador of Spain completing his first race. Overall Pere Ponseti (2) keeps his lead, with Britain's Arthur Fry (4) moving into third place.

In the men's Laser, Frenchman Frank Lavenent was the winner and moves into the overall lead, with Dan Whiteley (5) now into second place and Tadeusz Kubiak (3) in third place. Jack Cookson finished second and is now fifth overall.

Britain's Vita Heathcote and Milly Boyle (6) slip to fourth overall in the 420 event, where Eduard Ferrer and Carlos de Maqua (1) retain the overall lead, second are Nacho Dávila and Javier Mestre (9).

Simon Diesch and Philipp Autenreith of Germany were third in the men's 470 and keep their overall lead. Britain's Harvey Martin and Ryan Orr (8) are fifth overall.

Victoria Payne and Alice Masterman (7) are seventh overall in the 49erFX. Leaders are Martin Mikkola and Markus Ihamuotila (1) of Finland. The 49er did not sail Wednesday.

A lot of DNF/DNC in the 29er fleet where Germany's Valentin Mueller and Ole Ulrich won, and Florian Steuerer and Moritz Fiebig (4) keep their overall lead.

Thursday the weather is much better with sun and N wind 14-15kts forecast.

Palamos Christmas Race - Day 3 Leaders

Finn (31 entries)
1. Alex Muscat (ESP), 16 pts
2. Alessio Spadoni (ITA), 16 pts
3. Deniss Karpak (EST), 19 pts

Laser Standard (32 entries)
1. Frank Lavenant (FRA), 12 pts
2. Daniel Whiteley (GBR), 22 pts
3. Tadeusz Kubiak (POL), 24 pts

Laser Radial Women (24 entries)
1. Alison Young (GBR), 7 pts
2. Maria Erdi (HUN), 8 pts
3. Tatiana Drozdovskaya (BLR), 21 pts

Laser Radial Men (23 entries)
1. Pere Ponsetí (ESP), 5 pts
2. Arthur Fry (GBR), 26 pts
3. Matt Beck (GBR), 27 pts

470 Men (24 entries)
1. Simon Diesch/Philipp Auntenrieth (GER), 6 pts
2. Jordi Xammar/Nico Rodríguez (ESP), 8 pts
3. Jim Asenathi/Alexander Ham (RSA), 19 pts

470 Women (12 entries)
1. Jennifer Poret/Camille Hautefaye (FRA), 17 pts
2. Silvia Mas/Patricia Reino (ESP), 23 pts
3. Marina Lefort/Lara Granier (FRA), 23 pts

49er FX (25 entries)
1. Martin Mikkola/Markus Ihamuotila (FIN), 6 pts
2. Carlotta Omari/Matilda Distefano (ITA), 15 pts
3. Philipp Royla/Tom Heinrich (GER), 17 pts

49er (15 entries)
1. Simone Ferrarese/Valerio Galati (ITA), 14 pts
2. Max Stingele/Linov Scheel (GER), 15 pts
3. Gwendal Lamay/Luke Willim (GER), 16 pts

420 (55 entries)
1. Eduard Ferrer/Carlos de Maqua (ESP), 6 pts
2. Nacho Dávila/Javier Mestre (ESP), 20 pts
3. Jeremi Nathan/Mathis Guessard (FRA), 27 pts

29er (24 entries)
1. Florian Steuerer/Moritz Fiebig (GER), 7 pts
2. Jonar Schupp/Moritz Hagenmeyer (GER), 10 pts
3. Nicolas Salvage/Lucas Beckers (FRA), 21 pts

Europe (45 entries)
1. Marc Arrufat (ESP), 11 pts
2. Marc Tello (ESP), 28 pts
3. Patricia Figuerola (ESP), 31 pts

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