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Volvo Ocean Race - Rough re-start in Cape Town

Strong winds forecast for the start of Leg 3 of the Volvo Ocean Race on Sunday in Cape Town.

On Saturday morning the famous ‘Cape Doctor’ – a strong southeasterly wind - made a house call bringing a steady 40 knots of wind, and at least one gust of over 60 knots was recorded.

This is expected to moderate somewhat for Sunday’s race start, but winds are forecast to remain in the 25 to 35 knot range, with some gusts significantly stronger.

Leg 3, from Cape Town to Melbourne, Australia is a nominal 6,500 nautical miles.

The routing takes the teams down into the ‘Roaring Forties’, the area south of 40-degrees latitude where storm systems circle Antarctica, unimpeded by any land mass.

Towering waves, steady gale and storm force winds, and ice-cold temperatures are a daily feature here.

Deciding when to push for speed and when to throttle back to protect crew and equipment is a delicate balance.

The stakes are even higher as this is the first double-point leg. The winner of Leg 3 will collect 15 points (7 x 2 = 14 plus a 1 point win bonus).

Crew lists for Leg 3 can be found here - Crew lists for Leg 3 can be found here

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