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Salvage of wrecked Clipper Race yacht Greenings

The salvage of the wrecked Clipper Race yacht Greenings is almost complete. The yacht ran aground on the opening day of Race 3: The Dell Latitude Rugged Race, on the western side of Cape Peninsula on Tuesday 31 October 2017.Greenings, CV24 on 3 November 2017 -

It was decided that the vessel would take no further action in the Clipper 2017-18 Race, and subsequently that it was beyond repair and would be assigned to be removed by appointed salvors.

The removal contract was awarded to The Subtech Group/Ardent who specialise in the provision of world class marine services, including salvage projects throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

With an operating base in Cape Town, a team were quickly mobilised working with the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA), the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) and the casualty management team to oversee the clean-up operation and wreck removal.

On the work that has been done over the past weeks, Peter Brinkley, Chief Engineer:

“We faced a number of early challenges to the removal which included obtaining access to the beach as it is in a very remote location, and also a bush fire started in the surrounding veld part way through the operation which delayed efforts for a few days."

"We had to deal with the incessant influx of sand at high water brought in by the breaking waves and exacerbated by bad weather. We have to deal with the added challenge that no vehicles would be allowed though the reserve to access or move the yacht.”

“The current situation is that the mast has now been lowered gently by using a scaffolding tower."

"Only the keel and some of the bottom and port side shell remain, and they are buried in the sand, however we expect these final parts to be removed in the coming days and the beach will then be restored.”

“Much of the hull and deck gear has already been air-lifted away from the site.”

Greenings, CV24 on 1 November 2017 - Click image for a larger image

A full MAIB / MCA investigation is currently underway into the reasons for the grounding and the findings will be published as and when they are available.

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