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Transat Jacques Vabre - Final day for Class40

Locked together for the last fortnight, the three leading Transat Jacques Vabre Class 40 boats have 140 nm left to run to their finish in Salvador de Bahia.

Imerys Clean Energy of Phil Sharp and Pablo Santurde is 25 nm behind the leader, Enfance and Avenir of Aymeric Chappellier and Arthur Le Vaillant.

Between them is V and B of Maxime Sorel and Antoine Carpentier, who have closed the gap on Enfance and Avenir to just 2.7 nm at 09:36 UTC this morning.

The three boats are all Manuard design, but the two French boats are version 3 of the Mach 40 design and Sharp’s, version 2 and simply slower in the reaching wind angles they have had since the Doldrums.

It may only be a half a knot, but over 24 hours that is heartbreaking.

Design physics has forced them into a tactical decision to head further offshore in the search for more wind, whilst the two front boats gybe closer to the coast (they are 12 miles from land).

Perhaps their best hope is that the French boats will push too hard against each other.

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On Monday Tanguy de Lamotte and Samantha Davies (Britain), on Initiatives Cœur finished in sixth place in the Imoca class at 20:15:39 (UTC).

A race time of: 15 days, 07 hours 40 minutes and 39 seconds.

Their unique campaign raised enough money for 25 children from around the world in need of heart operations to have them in France. At the start in Le Havre they were aiming for 15.

De Lamotte, who started working with the charity in 2004, is now handing over the helm of both boat and campaign to the capable hands of Davies.

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