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Formula Kite Worlds - Rich get Richer

Britain’s Olly Bridge preserved his overnight lead with another all-star performance in breeze that quickly built to over 20 knots.

After an uncharacteristically faltering start to his day that saw him finish third in race one after mistakenly heading towards the wrong mark, but he barely skipped a beat winning the next five of the day’s six races.

He was able to shrug off the error with a wry smile, safe in the knowledge that he had secured pole position going into the regatta’s two-day finals series that will pit the fastest racers against one another.

Brother Guy, was not so lucky on day two of the World Championships.

He could not repeat his opening form and slipped in the rankings, although a series of high-placed finishes saw him rank fourth on the leaderboard – enough to secure his spot in the finals series that kick off tomorrow.

Day two of the 2017 IKA Formula Kite World Championship, saw a repeat performance of the fierce contest between French duo, Nico Parlier and Axel Mazella.

Time and again after blisteringly-quick laps of the short track, often completed in under eight minutes, they were locked together in photo-finishes in flat-out drag races on the reach to the finish line.

The breath-taking performances and nail-biting finishes saw the pair leapfrog Guy Bridge, putting Parlier and Mazella in second and third place respectively. All the riders will now be reseeded into the finals series fleet.

In the women’s fleet the reigning IKA Formula Kite World Champion, US rider, Daniela Moroz, 16, reigned supreme again, winning almost every one of the six races convincingly.

She did show that she is not invincible however when she was disqualified in one race for crossing the start-line early and only won another race by the skin of her teeth after misjudging the lay line on the downwind leg.

“I was way below the bottom mark and I had to double gybe,” said Moroz. “Some of the others passed me, but I caught up going up wind and managed to pass them on the downwind leg. It was pretty close, though!”

Racing continues Wednesday with the Finals Series.

Top five men after 12 races (two discards)* 52 entries

1. Olly Bridge (GBR) 10 pts
2. Nico Parlier (FRA) 12 pts
3. Axel Mazella (FRA) 16 pts
4. Guy Bridge (GBR) 23 pts
5. Titouan Galea (FRA) 28 pts

Top three women after 12 races (two discards)* 6 entries

1. Daniela Moroz (USA) 10 pts
2. Elena Kalinina (RUS) 20 pts
3. Alexia Fancelli (FRA) 27 pts
4. Steph Bridge (GBR) 36 pts
*(Provisional results before protest hearings)

Full results can be found at: www.formulakite.com/results

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