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Mini-Transat la Boulangere - Lapinski stretches lead

Ian Lipinski (Griffon.fr) is set to enter the channel between the islands of Santo Antao and Sao Vicente in the early hours of Sunday if he manages to keep up the current pace.Charlotte Mery / Proto 802 -

In his wake, twenty or so competitors may well follow suit over the course of the day.

The solo sailors who’ve declared their intention to make a pit-stop in Mindelo aren’t likely to make landfall before Monday.

After three days of racing, Ian Lipinski boasts a lead of 34 miles over Simon Koster (Eight Cube Sersa) and 67 over Jörg Riechers (Lilienthal).

The minute conditions toughen up a bit, the Raison design and her skipper are proving to be untouchable.

Another lesson learned from this race start is that the future seems to belong to the ‘scow bows’ as the first pointy-nosed boat, that of Romain Bolzinger (Spicee.com), is a way off the race for the podium, despite adopting an easterly trajectory along the coast of Africa.

Position report on 5 Nov at 15:00 UTC

Prototypes (24 entries)
1. Ian Lipinski (865 Griffon.fr) - 2,016 nm from the finish
2. Simon Koster (888 Eight Cube Sersa) 34 nm behind the leader
3. Jorg Riechers (934 Lillienthal) - 56 nm behind the leader
4. Romain Bolzinger (716 Spicee.com) - 65 nm behind the leader
5. Charlotte Méry (802 OptiGestion - Femmes de Bretagne) - 70 nm behind the leader

Production boats (56 entries)
1. Tanguy Bouroullec (809 Kerhis-Cerfrance) -2,085 nm from the finish (5th overall placing)
2. Erwan Le Draoulec (495 Emile Henry) - 14 nm behind the leader
3. Clarisse Crémer (902 TBS) - 23 nm behind the leader
4. Pierre Chedeville (887 Blue Orange Games - Fair Retail) - 39 nm behind the leader
5. Benoit Sineau (915 Cachaca II) - 46 nm behind the leader

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