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Mini-Transat la Boulangere - Lamenting the issues

After two days of racing in this second leg of the Mini-Transat la Boulangère, the fleet is already lamenting a number of issues.OptiGestion - Femmes de Bretagne has broken her bowsprit fork in a manœuvre -

While Ian Lipinski (Griffon.fr) is gradually consolidating his position at the head of the fleet, some competitors will have to make a pit-stop before they take the giant leap across the Atlantic.

In summary, there are three sailors who are lamenting rudder damage Friday evening:

Arthur Léopold-Léger (Antal – XPO) who intends to effect repairs at Mindelo, Timothée Bonavita (Prism) who has a spare rudder aboard and will try to switch old for new at sea.

And Erwan Le Mené (Rousseau Clôtures) who has reported that he wants to make for Dakar, which is two degrees further south than the Cape Verde gate and equates to a detour of over 200 miles.

Other competitors have also amassed their share of material damage:

Thibault Michelin (Eva Luna) has hit a UFO, but his speed would suggest that he has the situation under control.

Pilar Pasanau (Sail One Peter Punk) has wrapped her large spinnaker around the stay and is sailing under mainsail alone whilst she awaits milder conditions to sort things out.

Charlotte Méry (Optigestion – Femmes de Bretagne) has broken her bowsprit fork in a manœuvre.

Position report on 5 Nov at 06:00 UTC

Prototypes (24 entries)
1. Ian Lipinski (865 Griffon.fr) - 2,090 nm from the finish
2. Simon Koster (888 Eight Cube Sersa) 25 nm behind the leader
3. Jorg Riechers (934 Lillienthal) - 55 nm behind the leader
4. Romain Bolzinger (716 Spicee.com) - 76 nm behind the leader
5. Charlotte Méry (802 OptiGestion - Femmes de Bretagne) - 67 nm behind the leader
6. Patrick Jaffré (814 Projet Pioneer) 77 nm behind the leader

Production boats (56 entries)
1. Tanguy Bouroullec (809 Kerhis-Cerfrance) -2,164 nm from the finish (3rd overall placing)
2. Erwan Le Draoulec (495 Emile Henry) - 13 nm behind the leader
3. Clarisse Crémer (902 TBS) - 20 nm behind the leader
4. Pierre Chedeville (887 Blue Orange Games - Fair Retail) - 30 nm behind the leader
5. Benoit Sineau (915 Cachaca II) - 38 nm behind the leader

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