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Classic 5.5 Metre Tara takes class win

The 5.5 Metre Tara, ITA 78 took the overall win in the XIII Raduno Vele Storiche Viareggio, after victory in the opening windward-leeward course and in the long distance race on the final day.

Tara (Maria Cristina Rapisardi, Marco Bonzanigo, Giovanni Arrivabene) is a classic Britton Chance Jr. design from 1968, commissioned by his father, Britton Chance, who won the 5.5 Gold medal at the 1952 Olympics.

The famous Grifone, ITA 42 (Positano Onofrio, Garofalo Angelo, Merola Beppe) took second place overall.

Not competing in the final long distance race, the 1983 Evolution boat Whisper, ITA 57 (Richard Leupold, Paolo Giorgetti,?Claudio Mazzanti), also a Britton Chance Jr. design, took third overall.

Four Classic 5.5 Metres and one Evolution took part in the XIII Raduno Vele Storiche Viareggio, one of the most important Italian classic boat regattas.

The three-day regatta was characterised by light winds, but also very warm temperatures.

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Grifone has a lot of pedigree in the class. A 1963 classic design from Einar Olson/Carl-Erik Ohlson, she was commissioned by the Italian Navy and sailed by Agostino Straulino, a naval officer and one of Italy’s greatest sailors as well as a double Olympic medalist in the Star class.

He took Grifone to fourth place in the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo and then won the world championship in 1965. Grifone is still owned by the Italian Navy.

Fourth placed Artemis II, AUT 9 (Peter Kuss, Ingo Hopfgarder, Wolfgang Joebstl) is a Eugène Cornu design from 1957, and the joint oldest 5.5 Metre competing in Viareggio.

Since she was first built and registered in Switzerland, Artemis II has sailed under German numbers before ending up in Austria.

Fifth placed Violetta IV, ITA 21 (Giovanni Stafanon, Giangiacomo Stefanon, Franceso Stafanon) was also built in 1957, and designed by Pietro Baglietto.

The 5.5 Metre fleet categorises its boats into Classic, Modern and Evolution.

Classics, built before 1970, generally have longer keels and had the rudder attached to the keel during Olympic times, but some have separate rudders now.

Evolutions include all boats built from 1970 to 1994.

5.5 Metre Overall results

1st ITA 78 Tara 1/2/1 (Classic)
2nd ITA 42 Grifone 3/3/2 (Classic)
3rd ITA 57 Whisper 2/1/DNS (Evolution)
4th Z 24 (AUT 9) Artemis II 4/4/DNS (Classic)
5th ITA 21 Violetta IV 5/5/DNS (Classic)

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