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Helena - 60ft classic yacht to be launched in 2018

For the past twelve years a small team of British boatbuilders have been working in the relative secrecy of the Devonshire countryside on the project of a lifetime.

Headed up by Mike Ludgrove, the group's combined labour of over 40 years has brought the construction of the project, Helena, to near completion. A 60ft classic yacht due to be launched in spring 2018.

As the date for her launch draws ever closer, they now look for assistance from backers to make the final step from workshop to water possible.

In return they are offering you the opportunity to step aboard and set sail with them upon her maiden voyage.

On offer are a range of sailing experiences from one day coastal hops in the South West of England to charters in the French Riviera, the Mediterannean and even Christmas in the Caribbean!

Go to the indiegogo.com website where you can see the crowdfunding page and read a little about the inspiration and history of this amazing project.

This is a unique crowdfunding opportunity in that Helena is not a promise or an intention, she is not in committee stages or even prototyping, she is finished.

Though the appendages that are needed are essential, her construction is complete.

Helena will reach the water one way or another; if they don't reach their goal they will explore investment partnerships.

While you're there maybe treat yourself to a totally awesome tote bag or even a charter in the Mediterranean or Caribbean.

They have put together what we reckon is a pretty good collection of perks and each one you buy gets Helena closer to the water.

If you are unable to contribute financially, don't walk away just yet!

You can still help by telling your friends and family, every mention of this project is useful too so please talk, text, tweet, instagram and email.

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