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Mini-Transat La Boulangere - Changing places

New leader Arthur Léopold-Léger (Antal XPO) and Ian Lipinski (Griffon.fr) are going it alone at the front of the Prototype leading pack, and Clarisse Crémer (TBS) in the Production boats has been caught by Erwan Le Draoulec (Emile Henry).Valentin Gautier (Shaman – Banque du Léman) -

A chasing Proto trio made up of Simon Koster (Eight Cube Sersa), Erwan Le Mené (Rousseau Clôtures) and Romain Bolzinger (Spicee.com) are around 80 miles off the pace of the leader Saturday evening.

Patrick Jaffré (Projet Pioneer) is 100 miles behind the leader, whilst Julien Héreu (Poema Insurance) and Thibault Michelin (Eva Luna) have been relegated to some 160 miles astray of the head of the fleet.

In these conditions, the age of the boats is no longer the main point of reference.

As such, Jonathan Chodkiewiez (Tasty Granny) on one of the oldest prototypes, is managing to stay in contact with Charlotte Méry (Optigestion – Femmes de Bretagne) and Quentin Vlamynck (Arkema 3), who would surely have preferred other conditions to test the potential of his highly innovative machine.

A way off the front of the pack, the strategic considerations are somewhat different.

Aboard Mariolle.fr, Julien Bozzolo hasn’t forgotten his disco ball and playlist so he can treat himself to what must be particularly stimulating breakfasts for both his stomach and his ears.

It’s party time too for Camille Taque (Foxsea Lady) as she has managed to resolve her power issues and can now communicate with her playmates by VHF once more.

The news is also good for the Croatian sailor. Indeed, currently in Porto, Slobodan Velikic (Sisa 2) is trying to repair his bowsprit and a hole in the deck resulting from a broken stanchion.

Apparently, the familiar Mini solidarity has kicked into action once again since Portuguese sailor Antonio Fontes, who competed in the Mini in 2015, has rallied together his friends to track Slobodan down and give him a helping hand.

Mini-Transat La Boulangere - Ranking at 09:00 UTC Sunday

- 1 Arthur Léopold-Léger – Antal XPO – 221 miles from the finish
- 2 Ian Lipinski – Griffon.fr – 10 miles behind the leader
- 3 Romain Bolzinger – Spicee.com - 55 miles behind the leader
- 4 Erwan Le Mené – Rousseau Clôtures – 55.7 miles behind the leader
- 5 Simon Koster –Eight Cube Sersa- 57 miles behind the leader

Production boats
- 1 Erwan Le Draoulec – Emile Henry – 318 miles from the finish
- 2 Clarisse Crémer – TBS - 6 miles behind the leader
- 3 Tanguy Bouroullec – Kerhis Cerfrance – 19 miles behind the leader
- 4 Rémi Aubrun – Alternative Sailing – Constructions du Belon - 23 miles behind the leader
- 5 Valentin Gautier – Shaman – Banque du Léman – 34 miles behind the leader

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