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Régates Royales de Cannes - End in Grand Style

With sunny skies and light winds the 39th edition of the Régates Royales-Trophée Panerai came to an end in grand style.Crew Mariska -

The 15 Metre Mariska got gold in the Big Boat series with a clear score of five wins out of five races.

While the One Tonner Ganbare succeeded in snatching the title by just one point from Italian Maxi Il Moro di Venezia skippered by Massimiliano Ferruzzi.

Gold also went to French Jean-Pierre Sauvan’s Maria Giovanna II in the Vintage Marconi class whilst Karl Lion’s Tabasco 5 dominated in the Spirit of Tradition division with four wins.

“Serial winner” Rowdy added yet another victory to her long list, with Argentina’s Cippino at her heels.

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The 8 Metre Carron II and Linnet skippered by Torben Grael, particularly at ease in light winds, were crowned winners in the gaff cutters classes, with P Class Olympian in second and Viola in third.

This year several new entries debuted in Cannes, to the likes of the two P-Class Olympian and Chips skippered by Marc Audineau and Bruno Troublé respectively, that duelled all week to get gold in the gaff cutters’ class.

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Or Stéphane Richer’s tiny Ellad, a gorgeous Fife-designed canoe-stern from 1937 and the fast Fjord III by Argentinean German Frers Senior.

Also François Ramoger’s 6 Metre Azaïs designed by François Camatte and totally restored by his grandson, to Italy’s Ardi (ex-Kerkyra II), a 1968 One Tonner by the famous American firm Sparkman & Stephens.

Save the date for September 2018, for the 40th edition.

Final Leading results 2017

Gaff Cutters
1-Linnet (Patrizio Bertelli) 6 points
2-Olympian (Marc Audineau) 11 pts
3-Viola (Fabien Després) 14 pts

Big Boats
1-Mariska (Benjamin Redreau) 4 points
2-Cambria (Chris Barkhaam) 12 pts
3-Hallowe’en (Inigo Strez) 12 pts

1-Maria Giovanna II (Jean-Pierre Sauvan) 6 points
2-Arcadia (Bruno Ricciardi) 9
3-Samuraï (Luigi Pavese) 12 pts

Classic Racers
1-Ganbare (Don Wood) 6 points
2-Il Moro di Venezia (Massimiliano Ferruzzi) 7 pts
3-Resolute Salmon (Valter Pizzoli) 10 pts

Marconi (+15 metres)
1-Rowdy (Brendan Mc Carty) 6 points
2-Cippino (Daniel Sielecki) 7 pts
3-Leonore (Mauro Piani) 9 pts

Marconi (-15 metres)
1-Carron II (Angelo Mazzarella) 6 points
2-Cholita (Bruno Catalan) 9 pts
3-Fjord III (German Frers) 11 points

Spirit of Tradition
1-Tabasco 5 (Karl Lion) 4 points

5.5 Metre
1-New Moon (Merk Holowesko) 8 points

1-Pitch (Patrice Riboud) 10 points

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