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Etchells World title to Steve Benjamin

The 2017 Etchells World Champion is Steve Benjamin (USA) sailing with Dave Hughes, Ian Liberty and Michael Menninger.

Benjamin finished fifth in the final race at the San Francisco YC, giving him a nine point lead over the Australian boat of Graeme Taylor, James Mayo and Steve Jarvin.

Taking third place on the podium was Senet Bischoff with Ben Kinney and Clay Bischoff of the USA.

In the final race Saturday there was yet another first place finisher.

Marty Kaye (HKG) with his crew of Charlie Cumberley and Marco Pocci were first to finish, putting them in tenth place overall.

Dirk Kneulman (BER) finished second for an eighth overall, and Don Jesberg (USA) finished third for seventh overall.

Benjamin also won the Senior (helm over 60 years of age) and Masters (helm over 50 years of age) trophies.

Etchells Worlds - Final Leaders after Day 5, 9 races (51 entries)

1st USA 1427 Steve Benjamin, Dave Hughes, Ian Liberty, Michael Menninger, 41 pts
2nd AUS 947 "Graeme Taylor, James Mayo, Steve Jarvin" 55 pts
3rd USA 1349 "Senet Bischoff, Ben Kinney, Clay Bischoff" 59 pts
4th USA 1404 "JIm Cunningham, Chloe Holder, Jeff Madrigali, Mark Ivey" 69 pts
5th HKG 1406 "Mark Thornburrow, Malcolm Page, Mike Huang, Wiley Rogers" 82 pts
6th AUS 925 "Martin Hill, Andrew Palfrey, David Chapman, Sasha Ryan" 87 pts
7th USA 1429 "Don Jesberg, Andrea Cabito, Bill Hardesty Robbie Dean" 88 pts
8th BER 1454 "Dirk Kneulman, Grant Simmer, Mark Strube" 96 pts
9th USA 1198 "Scott Kaufman, Austen Anderson, Jesse Kirkland, Lucas Calabrase" 96 pts
10th HKG 1428 "Marty Kaye, Charlie Cumberley, Marco Pocci" 105 pts
11th USA 926 "Peter Duncan, Jud Smith, Thomas Blackwell" 110 pts
12th USA 1372 "Michael Goldfarb, Morten Hendriksen Skip Dieball" 112 pts
13th AUS 1119 "Iain Murray, Euan McNicol, Richard Allanson" 118 pts
14th GBR 1439 "Robert Elliott, Stuart Childerley, Tom Forrester-Coles" 127 pts
15th USA 1177 "Eric Doyle, Ezra Culver, Payson Infelise" 129 pts
16th GBR 1438 "Ante Razmilovic, Andrew Mills, Brian Hammersley" 130 pts
17th USA 1433 "Argyle Campbell, George Peet, Jeremy Wilmot, Victor Diaz de Leon" 132 pts
18th SUI 1425 "Seamus McHugh, David Vera San Luis, Leonor Ramia Cabellero, Luis Doreste Blanco" 145 pts
19th USA 1208 "Kevin Grainger, Mark Mendelblatt, Scott Norris" 147 pts
20th USA 946 "Craig Healy, Hartwell Jordan, Tom Ducharme" 149 pts
21st GBR 1441 "Peter Rogers, Ben Cooper, Neil Harrison" 150 pts

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