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Flying 15 Nationals - 2017 Champions are Lovering and Alvarado

Richard Lovering and Matt Alvarado are the 2017 Flying 15 National Champions. A 3 - 1 score in the final two races saw them finish with an eight point lead.Richard Lovering and Matt Alvarado -

In second were Charles Apthorp and Alan Green (5, 4) of HISC with 20 points and third Jeremy Davy and Martin Huett (7, 3) of Draycote Water SC with 21 points.

Winners of the first race Saturday were Ian Cadwallader and Dave Sweet (1, 9) ahead of Graham and Ben Scroggie (2, DNF) with Lovering and Alvarado in third.

In the final race of the championship, Lovering and Alvarado took the win ahead of David Tabb and Chewey Sherrell (4, 2) with Davy and Huett in third and Apthorp and Green fourth.

The Lovering/Alvarado partnership have now finished 1st/2nd/1st in the last three Flying Fifteen UK National Championships.

The first boat in the Classic division was Class President, Bobby Salmond and David Hill.

Flying 15 - CARRS Land Rover Flying Fifteen Nationals 2017 Final after 8 races

1st 4002 Richard Lovering and Matt Alvarado Hayling Island SC 12 pts
2nd 4004 Charles Apthorp and Alan Green Hayling Island SC 20 pts
3rd 3760 Jeremy Davy and Martin Huett Draycote Water SC 21 pts
4th 4055 Ian Cadwallader and Dave Sweet Chew Valley Lake SC 22 pts
5th 4052 David Tabb and Chewey Sherrell Parkstone YC 33 pts
6th 4039 Mark Longstaff and Benjamin Longstaff Grafham Water SC 35 pts
7th 4021 Steve Goacher and Tim Harper Royal Windermere YC 37 pts
8th 4005 David McKee and Mal Hartland Dovestone SC 46 pts
9th 4020 Graham Scroggie and Ben Scroggie Parkstone YC 51 pts
10th 4024 Simon Kneller and Dave Lucas Grafham Water SC 58 pts
11th 3793 Pete Allam and Jo Allam Parkstone YC 62 pts
12th 4056 Andrew Farmer and Steve Greham Notts County SC 64 pts
13th 3922 Crispin Read Wilson and Steve Brown Parkstone YC 68 pts
14th 3914 Adrian Tattersall and Richard Popper Parkstone YC 68 pts
15th 3994 Chris Waples and Tom Waples Hayling Island SC 72 pts
16th 4054 Simon Spolton and Grant Murphy Parkstone YC 84 pts
17th 3736 Peter Bannister and Jonathan Clark Hayling Island SC 85 pts
18th 3776 Christopher Avery and John Rohde Draycote Water SC 90 pts
19th 4033 Justin Waples and Amanda Waples Royal Corinthian YC 97 pts
20th 4041 Bill Chard and Josh Preater Chew Valley Lake 100 pts
21st 3949 Arthur George and Andrew George Burton sailing club 105 pts
22nd 4044 Simon Patterson and Simon Thompson Draycote Water SC 105 pts
23rd 3902 Richard Hope and Mike Stenson Draycote Water SC 130 pts
24th 3936 Jeremy Arnold and Angus Wright Notts County SC 132 pts
25th 4013 Chris Bowen and Marion Bowen Northampton SC 133 pts
26th 4048 Geoff Bayliss and Simon Hunt Hayling Island SC 141 pts
27th AUS3845 John Hassen and Bruce Barnard South of Perth YC 152 pts
28th 3904 Mervyn Wright and Howard Shawyer Datchet Water SC 153 pts
29th 3513 Will Brooks and Mel Brooks Flushing SC 158 pts
30th 3947 Nick Taylor and Gedas Petrauskas Grafham Water SC 168 pts
31st 3631 Chris Wright and Nicki Hooper Rutland SC 168 pts
32nd 3643 Geof Gibbons and Nick Gibbons Parkstone YC 175 pts
33rd 4042 Tim O'Brien and Colin Ferra Grafham Water SC 177 pts
34th 3939 Athol King and Trevor Bellis Derwent Reservoir SC 180 pts
35th 3843 Mike Pearce and Sandie Andrews Chew Valley Lake SC 181 pts
36th 4027 Michael Clapp and Peter Morris Datchet Water SC 199 pts
37th 3652 Mike Partridge and Claire Davis Hayling Island SC 205 pts
38th 3778 Geoffrey Povey and Geoffrey Povey Bewl SC 211 pts
39th 3903 Keith Jamieson and Patrick Condy Royal Windermere YC 224 pts
40th 627 Bobby Salmond and David Hill RYA 228 pts
41st 3463 John Thornley and Megan Thornley Ullswater YC 230 pts
42nd 3971 Raymond Flanagan and Robert Vickers Draycote Water SC 231 pts
43rd 3421 Abigail Rickard and Mark Rickard Royal Cornwall YC 240 pts
44th 3703 Nick Woodley and Tim Julian Royal Cornwall YC 241 pts
45th 2660 Peter Needham and Brian West Burton SC 251 pts
46th 3816 Jon Lee and Matt Metcalf-Smith Carsington SC 258 pts
47th 2611 Hugh Whatley and Alex Whatley Chew Valley Lake SC 260 pts
48th 4016 Hamish Mackay and Andrew Lawson Royal Highland YC 269 pts
49th 3953 Noel West and Jane Mitchell Newhaven and Seaford SC 283 pts
50th 3597 Juliet Rutherford and Ruth Hambling Royal Cornwall YC 287 pts
51st 3732 Ian Hockey and Valerie Hockey Blackpool and Fleetwood YC 292 pts

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