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Inaugural Star Vintage Gold Cup

The Star are the latest class to feature their classic boats with the Vintage Gold Cup, an annual sailing regatta for Star Class members who have a Vintage Wooden Star Boat.

The inaugural event on Gull Lake in Richland, Michigan USA is taking place September 27-30.

There are two categories for the boats entered:

Classic Vintage, wood Star boats that have been restored to approximate original specifications including a wooden mast and boom and

Performance Vintage, wood Star boats that have been restored to race with modern equipment.

Star - Vintage Gold Cup - Positions after 5 races

1st USA 4789 GEM IX Paul Cayard / Brian Fatih 4 pts
2nd USA 4985 Magic Arthur Anosov / Dave Caesar 8 pts
3rd USA 4648 Flapper Mark Reynolds / Michael Brundage 14 pts
4th USA 4583 Pink Lady Andy MacDonald / Josh Revkin 16 pts
5th USA 4187 Cautious Tom Londrigan / TC Belco 18 pts
6th USA 4554 Shirttail Too John MacCausland / Arnis Baltins 24 pts
7th USA 5050 Toss Up Don Parfet / Craig Lockerbie 28 pts
8th USA 5177 Heather Jon VanderMolen / Rick Burgess 29 pts
9th USA 4748 Woody Andy Ivey / Ed Gardner 31 pts
10th USA 4663 Bottoms Up Larry Whipple / Kirk Utter 33 pts
11th USA 4125 Hope Keith Donald / Kevin Elterman 35 pts
12th USA 4650 BaBoon Jim Babel / Bill Hawk 44 pts

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