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Volvo CEO Mark Turner talks about that decision

Following the the unexpected announcement of his resignation, Volvo Ocean Race CEO, Mark Turner talks about that decision, the upcoming 2017-18 edition and the future.

The last Volvo Race struggled to maintain interest, I wonder if this one will do any better, even with the much vaunted Southern Ocean leg.

The make-over is desperately needed, but maybe the timescale Mark Turner set was just too much, too soon, for what has now become an institutional organisation, moving at a stately pace.

He makes comment on . . . "the reality of this behind the scenes were the dozens of decisions and approvals and steps to jump through" and "We couldn’t miss getting anything signed, and ultimately I failed to get all those steps done in the right timing."

This is big coropration stuff, ticking the boxes in the right order and keeping everyone on side.

This is what the Whitbread Race has become and maybe Turner did not understand that . . . until now.

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