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12 Metre North American Championship survive Jose

Despite Hurricane Jose that shaved a day off the front end of the three-day 12 Metre North American Championship, three races on Saturday told the story of a very competitive fleet.

Challenge XII, one of the newest additions to the 12mR class, topped the Modern division, beating out Defender by one point in overall scoring.

Defender’s score line of 1-2-5 reflected a man overboard in the third race. He was picked up by a safety boat, which automatically gave the team points that were equal to last place plus one.

In the Grand Prix division, Gunther Buerman and his New Zealand team, which includes Ken Read’s brother Brad Read, won their fifth North American title in a row, beating out Laura.

Weatherly, chartered by Jay Schachne (USA), won the Traditional division on a tie breaker with American Eagle. Turning in a score line of 3-2-1.

12mR Modern Fleet - Click image for a larger image

“It was a disappointment to lose Friday as a race day,” said Event Chair Peter Gerard, “but there was just nothing we could do about that."

He explained that for several days prior to the regatta, winds of 25-30 knots with gusts to 40 had made it impossible to launch several of the historic 12 Metres that were dry docked.

The first window of relief came Saturday morning, so racing was rescheduled for later that afternoon when all boats could participate.

“We managed to hold three races in a dying 12-15 knot breeze, and that ended up being the regatta after the wind completely shut off on Sunday.”

Results Newport R.I - Grand Prix Division
1. KZ-3 New Zealand, Gunther Buerman, 1-1-1; 3 pts
2. KZ-5 Laura, Kip Curren, 2-2-2; 6 pts

Modern Division
1. KA-10 Challenge XII, Jack LeFort, 5-1-1; 7 pts
2. US-33 Defender, Dennis Williams, 1-2-5*; 8 pts
3. US-26 Courageous, Ralph Isham/Steve Glaskock/Alexander Auersperg/Ward Marsh, 4-3-2; 9 pts
4. US-22 Intrepid, Jack Curtin, 3-4-3; 10 pts
5. US-30 Freedom, Charles Robertson, 2-5-4; 11 pts

Traditional Division
1. US-17 Weatherly, Jay Schachne, 3-2-1; 6 pts
2. US-21 American Eagle, Bob Morton/Cindy DeLotto, 1-3-2; 6 pts
3. US-16 Columbia, Kevin Hagerty, 2-1-4**; 7 pts

*Man Overboard **DSQ

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