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Regates Royales Cannes - Opening day for 5.5 mR

5.5 Metre opening day at the Régates Royales Cannes and only one race was possible on a very light and tricky day with victory for Otto of Bent C. Wilhemsen.Otto of Bent C. Wilhemsen SUI -

There is only a small fleet of the 5.5 mR class at the Regates Royales Cannes, but the former Olympic class was only reintroduced here last year.

This year the fleet has four days of racing alongside the Dragons, Tofinou one-designs and of course the increasingly popular Classics at this famous autumnal Mediterranean spectacle.

About to turn 70 years old next year, the class first came to prominence in 1948/9 when the famous naval architect Charles Nicholson developed an affordable and transportable design than some of the other previously popular Metre rule boats.

The 5.5 Metre was soon selected for the 1952 Olympic Games, became an International class and it remained an Olympic Class until 1968.

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