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Nacra 17 Worlds - Qualifying ends

Three light air final qualifying races Thursday did not change the leaders of the Nacra 17 Worlds in La Grande Motte.

Britain's Ben Saxton and Katie Dabson (10,1,5) have closed to within two points of series leaders Christiansen and Lubeck (19.2.2) of Denmark.

Iker Martinez and Olga Maslivets (4,1,11) of Spain are now third as European Champions Ruggero Tita and Caterina Banti (3,18,10) of Italy drop back to seventh.

Scoring is still very tight as they regroup for the final series of eight races and the medal race, starting from Friday.

The leading two crews have a seven point advantage over the chasing pack which comprises nine boats covered by just 13 points.

Leader of the pack are Martinez and Maslivets, followed by Gemma Jones and Jason Saunders (5,11,2) of New Zealand who move up to fourth, with Moana Vaireaux and Manon Audinet of France in fifth.

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At the half-way stage there is still plenty sail for, and despite sailors always claiming to be really preparing for the next big event, sometime you just have go for it . . .

Nacra 17 World Championship - Foilers - (47 entries)

1 DEN 283 Lin Ea Cenholt CHRISTIANSEN and Christian Peter LÜBECK 29 pts
2 GBR 299 Ben SAXTON and Katie DABSON 31 pts
3 ESP 246 Iker MARTINEZ and Olga MASLIVETS 38 pts
4 NZL 341 Gemma JONES and Jason SAUNDERS 40 pts
5 FRA 343 Moana VAIREAUX and Manon AUDINET 43 pts
6 ARG 226 Santiago LANGE and Cecilia CARRANZA 45 pts
7 ITA 370 Ruggero TITA and Caterina BANTI 46 pts
8 AUS 317 Jason WATERHOUSE and Lisa DARMANIN 47 pts
9 URU 368 Pablo DEFAZIO and Dominique KNUPPEL 47 pts
10 GBR 201 John GIMSON and Anna BURNET 50 pts
11 ARG 372 Mateo MAJDALANI and Eugenia BOSCO 51 pts
12 ESP 028 Fernando ECHAVARRI and Tara PACHECO 55 pts
13 ITA 3 Vittorio BISSARO and Maelle FRASCARI 57 pts
14 GBR 257 Chris RASHLEY and Laura MARIMON 57 pts
15 GER 342 Paul KOHLHOFF and Alica STUHLEMMER 60 pts
16 NZL 261 Olivia MACKAY and Micah WILKINSON 60 pts
17 DEN 281 Mathias BRUUN and Anette VIBORG 62 pts
18 BRA 230 João BULHÕES and Gabriela NICOLINO 62 pts
19 AUT 354 Thomas ZAJAC and Barbara MATZ 66 pts
20 BER 301 Cecilia WOLLMANN and Michael WOLLMANN 73 pts
21 GBR 303 Tom PHIPPS and Nicola BONIFACE 74 pts
22 USA 361 Riley GIBBS and Louisa CHAFEE 84 pts
23 FRA 266 Julien VILLION and Bérénice DELPUECH 84 pts
24 ITA 363 Lorenzo BRESSANI and Cecilia ZORZI 85 pts

Full results here

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