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SB20 Worlds - Final day turn-over for Sportboatworld.com

When I looked at the final set of SB20 World's results I did a double-take . . . Sportsboatworld.com ? The same three men in a boat that I had last mentioned in passing as fifth overall.We'll drink to that!-

What had happened to the four other boats and eleven points that stood between them and the World title?

Long time leader, Australia's Export Roo of Michael Cooper had a lead of eleven points, but while Messrs Jerry Hill, Geoff Carveth and Richard Lovering were winning the final race, the Aussies could only manage a 14th, more than enough to throw-away the title.

But there were others who could have stepped up to take their place . . .

Give Me Five of Robin Follin of France only managed a 16, Xcellent of John Pollard a 17, and the Irish boat Sin Bin of Michael O'Connor easily their worse score of the week, a 29.

And joining Sportsboatworld.com at the front of race 5 were:

Itparfume of Borys Shvets, Anatolii Petrov, Ivan Pavlusik and Anna Kyselova in second (5th overall) and in third Sponge Bob of Alain Waha, Joshua Waha, Ben Childerly and Isabel Waha (39th overall).

Nations Cup: 1st GBR - Sportsboatworld.com, Xcellent and Marvel.

SB20 World Championships - Leading gold fleet - R5 & Nett pts (78 entries)

1st GBR3752 SPORTSBOATWORLD.COM - Jerry Hill, Geoff Carveth, Richard Lovering 1 32 pts
2nd AUS3731 EXPORT ROO - Michael Cooper, David Chapman, Gerry Mitchell 14 34 pts
3rrd FRA3653 GIVE ME FIVE - Robin Follin, G Germain, M Abguillerm, E Michel 16 39 pts
4th GBR3754 XCELLENT - John Pollard, Rob Smith, Steve Procter 17 43 pts
5th UKR3726 ITPARFUME - Borys Shvets, Anatolii Petrov, Ivan Pavlusik, Anna Kyselova 2 43 pts
6th IRL3544 SIN BIN - Michael O'Connor, Davy Taylor, Ed Cooke 29 47 pts
7th GBR3728 MARVEL - Richard Powell, Ben Vines, Tim Burnell 12 48 pts
8th RUS3707 VIS SAILING TEAM - Vadim Pushev, Timur Sabirzyanov, Alexander Mikhailov 21 48 pts
9th NED3714 MXTC - Marco van Driel, Joost Assmann, Martijn Worseling 11 66 pts
10th GBR3310 WILDLING/ROPE 4 BOATS - Martin Boatman, Stewart Brown, Ian Turnbull 9 71 pts
11th GBR3732 FORELLE ESTATES - Joe Llewellyn, Nigel Wakefield, Jerry Vigus 8 74 pts
12th UKR3633 #GAMECHANGER - Yulia Kyrpa, Hugo Rocha, Semen Dmytrenko, Viktor Kandyba 7 76 pts
13th AUS3756 PORCO ROSSO - Elliott Noye, Paul McCartney, Edward Snowball 10 92 pts
14th GBR3720 UBER - Adrian Peach, P Bettesworth, J Short, G Stringer 33 98 pts
15th RUS3722 MST - Vasily Grigoriev, Valeriy Ushkov, Mikhail Markin 23 100 pts
16th RUS3708 MELSTON TEAM - Kirill Frolov, Alexey Murashkin, Egor Ignatenko 32 105 pts
17th IRL3741 BAD/KILCULLEN - Jerry Dowling, Stefan Hyde, James Dowling 6 105 pts
18th AUS3747 DIFFICULT WOMAN - Rob Gough, Nick Dineen, Claire Cunningham, Stewart Gray 25 108 pts
19th FRA3423 APCC EQUIPE JEUNE - Simon Bertheau, A Hugo, H Baptiste, C Mathilde 19 108 pts
20th FRA3721 RHAPSODIE - Alain Roig, Hugo Feydit, Sebastian Soupey, Adéle Marevery 4 113 pts

Full results here

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