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Bora Gulari injured in Nacra17 capsize

The USA Nacra17 sailor Bora Gulari lost parts of three fingers on his right hand when his Nacra17 catamaran capsized during training for the World Championships.

Gulari lost part of three fingers on his right hand after it became entangled with the boat’s rigging during a capsize in strong wind conditions at La Grande Motte, France.

Gulari is currently recovering at a local hospital following surgery, and is expected to to be back sailing in a month.

Crew member Helena Scutt was not injured in the accident.

Scutt is reported to have sailed the boat back to shore with help from Rio 2016 Olympic gold medalist Santiago Lange of Argentina.

Italian Sailing Team coach Gabriele Bruni provided help to Gulari and Scutt immediately after the accident, with US Sailing Team coach David Howlett.

Gulari and Scutt will retire from the 2017 Nacra 17 Worlds, due to start on Tuesday 5 September at Yacht Club de La Grande Motte.

Earlier this month, Nacra medal racing was cancelled at the World Sailing Aarhus Test Event due to failure of the foil bearing blocks.

All Nacra 17 that had been converted to foiling catamarans were recalled due to a problem with the foil bearing breaking.

A representative of the Nacra company was due to deliver new design blocks to the competitors at the worlds this week.

It is not clear whether Gulari's boat had been fitted with the new improved bearing.

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